Pictures That Will Fill Your Snapchat Feed This Holiday Season
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Pictures That Will Fill Your Snapchat Feed This Holiday Season

'tis the szn.

Pictures That Will Fill Your Snapchat Feed This Holiday Season

1. "Hot dogs or legs"

This girl will be poolside at her grandparents condo in Florida. This picture will have taken at least 4 tries to get the perfect lighting to show off her glowing tan and to feature her new bathing suit that she bought to impress the elderly population of the gated community where she is residing.

2. "If you need me, I'll be here"

This snap will feature the computer screen with a Quizlet opened and the lovely background of the stacks (and possibly a library geotag). As you look to see who made this their story, you realize it happens to be someone who you know for a fact went to the library solely for this "artsy" picture and after the photoshoot will resume their Netflix show.

3. "Back"

This will be a sped up video panning through a room filled with high school friends. This happens to be the story of a girl who constantly complains that she hates her home friends and you find yourself slightly confused as your press the following story.

4. "(*house emoji*) sweet (*house emoji*)"

This is a picture of the exterior of typical suburban house, as if no one has ever seen a brick single family home before. But hey, they forgot to cover up the house number so their entire Snapchat friends list now knows their address.

5. "We out (*airport geotag*)"

This picture will be of the wing of an airplane and will include either an airport geotag or the speedometer. You find this interesting as the flight attendant definitely told them to turn their phone on airplane mode prior to the plane moving. This person will most likely make a story later that hour of the clouds with the altitude feature.

6. "Never leaving"

This snapchat will be from a balcony panning over the beach of whatever Caribbean island their grandparents took them away to. However, you know at the end of the week, they will definitely be leaving.

7. "Tis' the szn"

This Snapchat story will feature a glass of wine and a bubble bath with dimmed lights. Unsure of how this girl plans to wash her body with the Pinot Grigio in hand, you scroll to the next story.

8. "Old stomping grounds"

This picture will be of the outside of their high school. This person is most likely driving carpool for their younger siblings and that car ride is the majority of the physical activity they partook in that day.

9. "(*muscle emoji*)

This Snapchat will be of 2 extremely sweaty girls in front of the SoulCycle logo. This picture will most likely be followed by a Snap of an acai bowl.

10. "(*thermometer of below freezing temperatures*)"

This picture will probably be of a frosted window or the first snowfall of the year. This person probably also thought they were fooling everyone by changing the scale to Celsius to make it seem colder than it actually is.

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