Ultimate Summer Guide: Best Food Festivals In Philadelphia

Ultimate Summer Guide: Best Food Festivals In Philadelphia

Sorry long lost beach bod, there's always next year!

Summer isn't over just yet! We still have 2 more months to neglect responsibilities and sip cocktails by the beautiful brown waters of the Atlantic ocean. Here's your guide to food festivals this summer in Philadelphia.

1. University City Dining Days July 16-26

University City Dining Days is a ten day long event that features 3 courses at 3 great prices. Participating restaurants in the University City District offer 3 course meals at either $15, $25, or $35 per person. This deal allows for customers to try diverse options from Ethiopian cuisine to craft beer bars. At this price, customers can take a virtual tour around the world without having to leave the comfort of Philadelphia. Participating locations vary from Dock Street Brewery, Copabanana, to Distrito. To find out more about Dining Days and to see participating locations visit their website here-


2. Dog Days of Summer Cook-Off July 18

Presented by South Street Headhouse District, Dog Days of Summer Cook-Off is the ultimate hot dog competition. That’s right people, hot dogs. 20 local restaurants and food trucks will go grill to grill for the best hot dog recipe, and you can have the chance to taste them all! Throw in some live music, craft beers, and this is one wiener fest you don’t want to miss.

Interested in checking it out? Join their event on FaceBook! https://www.facebook.com/events/1643727609182406

3. Center City District Restaurant Week August 2-7, 9-14

Restaurant Week in Center City takes place twice a year, where customers can enjoy a prix-fixe menu for $20 lunch deals or $35 three course dinners. Restaurant week offers delicious yet budget friendly meals at some of the city’s most delectable locations. Menus and participating restaurants vary by year so be sure to check out the official website and make your reservations soon!


4. Night Market Philadelphia August 6

Night Market Philadelphia takes place at a few locations in the city of brotherly love, and this summer it’s coming back to Lancaster Ave! Named “Best City Event 2014” by Philadelphia Magazine, Night Market street food festival features many ethnic eateries and food trucks from around the city. The host of the event Food Trust is a national nonprofit organization working for everyone to have access to safe, nutritious food. Food Trust has hosted 16 Night Markets previously with over 300 vendors, and we're sure you'll find something here to love! Check out Night Market and what else they have going on at-


5. FEASTIVAL September TBA

Audi FEASTIVAL- an art and food festival taking place at Penn’s Landing this year for it’s fifth time. Celebrating the art and food culture of Philadelphia, FEASTIVAL supports FringeArts- a progressive are series featuring theatre, dance, and music performances. At FEASTIVAL there will be artistic FringeArt presentations as well as culinary experiences from local businesses. Although the exact date for the 2015 event is still being finalized, follow them to check out pictures from last year's FEASTIVAL and sign up to receive updates about the 2015 FESTIVAL!


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A Thank You Letter To My Morning Coffee

Because where would I be without you?

Dear morning coffee,

Thank you for being there for me before everyone else. For being there for me when I’m tired and grumpy and for always making everything better. I know I can be touchy at times. I mean, a girl needs her caffeine. You have been there for me through it all, early mornings in high school and now all-nighters in college. There have been times that I’ve walked around double fisting coffees, finals week am I right.

No matter, you have been the constant in my life, you have seen me through it all.

Through all the rough mornings where I quite literally looked like a mess, to the nights that lasted too long. Test after test, you have been there to get me through it, you have made sure that I was caffeinated enough to function and ace those tests. Though there are times where you end up mostly on my shirt because I’m a klutz but you’re still there for me.

You’re there for me in every form, latte, cappuccino, black coffee, and even a mocha.

Every day for years you have been the constant in my life, the constant that I know I’ll see every morning. You have become the highlight of my mornings. Without you, I don’t know what I would do. I know I’m not the only who realizes how great that you are and are beyond grateful for all that you give us.

Pretty much every college student realizes how much you provide us with, essentially the life that we need to get through it all. In the ones that aren’t in college are even in coffee’s debt and will forever be grateful for it. Morning coffee has become this sort of ritual that almost everyone goes through, it is the way that we are able to function.

So, thank you morning coffee, thank you for always being there for me to brighten my mornings and for helping me get through all those hard times. And thank you for the support you always give me through all those weeks of all-nighters and finals.

So once again thank you morning coffee to make sure that this is not how I always look.

Cover Image Credit: Ashley Jordan

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The Perfect Cocktail For Every Occasion

Just thinking about it makes me thirsty.

Have a special occasion coming up and dreaming about sipping on that perfect cocktail to complement it? Or, planning a large event like a baby shower or wedding and have absolutely no idea where to start? Look no further as I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular occasions along with its perfect liquid counterpart.


From black tie to casual, mojitos are the perfect drink for weddings all over. They are a classic and refreshing cocktail that can be taken from day to night and are sure to ease the pain of your dancing feet. To make, all you need is white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint leaves to garnish.

Baby Shower

Mimosa's are the quintessential baby shower drink, and the great thing about them is that that they can be easily recreated for expectant mothers, otherwise known as the “Momosa.” Mommy’s-to-be can join in on the fun by using non-alcoholic champagne and orange juice, reliving the pre-pregnancy days (minus the buzz, of course). To make, all you need is orange juice and champagne.


Margaritas scream vacation. It’s one of those drinks that work whether you’re sitting oceanside basking in the sun or out to dinner after a long day of rest and relaxation. Not to mention, it is the most Instagrammed vacation cocktail. To make, all you need is tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and salt (or sugar) to rim the top of the glass.

First Date

Nothing screams “I have class” like a martini. Invented during the Gold Rush of the mid-1800s, the martini is a flirty, elegant, and sophisticated and the perfect cocktail to sip on to get through a first date. Although, not the best drink to guzzle down, so if the date isn’t going well, switch to something with a straw. To make, all you need is gin, vermouth, and a lemon peel or (blue cheese stuffed) olives to garnish.


Moscow Mules scream holidays. It could be the copper mugs or the spicy ginger beer, but something about it makes you want to sit by the fire with friends and family and celebrate the holidays. To make, all you need is vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice, topped off with a lime wedge to garnish (copper mug not optional).

Do any of these cocktails ring true as your favorite cocktail for these occasions?

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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