Is Pete Davidson Taking His Comments About Ariana Grande Too Far?

Is Pete Davidson Going Too Far With His Comments About Ariana Grande?

Can a joke just be a joke anymore, or is there a deeper meaning behind it?


People get to have a really close look into the relationship of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande but through many different lenses. They are both entertainers and both have public platforms where people see them, listen to them, and fill in any gaps with their own opinions.

With their platforms, they both have a habit of speaking about one another. Ariana Grande wrote a song entitled "Pete Davidson," she tweets about him constantly, fills her Instagram with pictures of him, and gushes over him in interviews. She's said she knew she was "literally marrying him." It's honestly the cutest thing ever.

But as for Pete Davidson? People think what he says about his fiancé is less than adorable. He is a comedian, so nothing he says is going to be as eloquent and beautiful as a song. He did things like leaving "dirty" comments on her Instagram, objectifying her by calling her "hot" constantly and making jokes that could be offensive. He's joked about switching her birth control pills with Tic Tacs. And his interview with Howard Stern bordered on gross.

Pete Davidson is a comedian, so his job is to make light of things that otherwise would be serious matters. In that category lies relationships.

His engagement to Ariana Grande is serious, and they're seriously in love with each other. But he says some things that make it seem more questionable. But then he says things like "I feel like I won a contest," and the love becomes more legitimate. It's just the jokes that come off creepy and weird that can put a damper on the whole thing.

But is that enough to rip their relationship of its validity? Does Pete Davidson deserve to be "canceled?" Should they call off the engagement because society is sensitive to offensive humor?

The line between the jokes being humorous or offensive is really thin. But it's a line Ariana Grande has to draw herself. It just depends on what she can handle.

His jokes are part of what attracted her to him in the first place, so her tolerance is probably higher than a lot of people's. If she stays silent and never addresses the things he says, then so should everyone else. That doesn't necessarily mean what he's said is okay, but it isn't anyone's business but theirs.

Ariana Grande is smart enough to know what she deserves and surely she would address any problems she has with her relationship. She may not publically because some things should remain private, even in the most common and open relationships.

What may be even more concerning than the jokes Pete Davidson is telling is the reason he's telling them. Ariana Grande's fans and society, in general, make him out to be someone undeserving. Ariana Grande keeps trying to prove she's happy but people are still convinced she downgraded. She's physically glowing and creating her best music, and yet people are still in denial.

It leaves so much room for self-deprecating humor and discomfort in regard to their engagement.

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