11 Pet-Peeve Reactions I Get When People Learn I'm Hispanic

11 Pet-Peeve Reactions I Get When People Learn I'm Hispanic

I mean... just don't be that way.


I am Hispanic and proud. I am not afraid of telling people that either, but sometimes people are beyond ignorant about it, and it peeves me.

So, here are 11 pet peeves I have when I tell people I am Hispanic.

1. When they question if I'm "actually" Hispanic

"...but are you really?" "You don't look like what I assumed a Hispanic would look like." I honestly didn't know there was a "look code" for us, but OK.

2. When they assume I am Mexican

Woah, I'm sorry... I didn't realize that all Hispanics were Mexican??

3. When they're shocked you're fluent in English...

I mean, who knew you could be fluent in two languages? Wait until they find out you can be trilingual or more!

4. They ask me to say something in Spanish for them

I absolutely detest this. You're not going to understand what I am saying either way, so why ask me to say something?

5. They start trying to speak Spanish to me


"OH?! You speak Spanish?? COMO ESTAAAAAS???"

6. They ask questions that they should honestly keep to themselves.

"Sooo... are you like... legal?" "How did you get here exactly...?"

7. They ask what my favorite restaurant is...


... and assume it's El Rancho Grande.

8. They think all Hispanics eat the SAME food

Simple answer; we don't. There are similarities but we don't all eat the same dish for dinner every night. And no, I don't eat tacos every day all day.

9. They think you're Catholic

This one makes me laugh that people assume your religion based on the fact you're Hispanic.

10. They assume I don't know how to control my temper


^ ^ ^ That's what they think I look like but in reality, I do know how to control my temper. (If I were you, I wouldn't push my luck, though.)

11. They introduce me as their "Hispanic friend"

Last time I checked, I don't go around introducing people as my "white friend". Maybe next time, try just using my name.

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A Letter To The Tomboy I Used To Be

To that girl with the baseball hat, board shorts, and grass stains, thank you.

To the tomboy I used to be,

Thank you so much for making me the strong, beautiful, determined, and badass girl I am today. I am proud of who you've become. It is because of you that I can stand on my own two feet. It is because of you that I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

You were never easy to deal with. Mom and Dad had a lot to handle growing up. It was Dad who had to fight for you to be able to play boys' baseball. It was Mom who had to stand up to the boys that were mean to you for playing a boys' sport. It was both of them who had to cart you around to all of your games and practices, because playing one sport a season was just not enough. It was Mom who had to wash your clothes endless times, because the grass and dirt stains would never come out the first time. Don't ever forget who helped you become who you are.

Your attitude and thought process is very different from that of most girls. You grew up dealing with your problems through wrestling or fighting. Pettiness was not something you could deal with. Your anger came from losing a game, not drama with girls. You didn't understand why girls fought, or were so mean to each other, and to this day, you still don't understand it. You are different. You aren't like most girls by any means, which can be difficult for you, even now. You are so much tougher. You think differently. You are determined.

I love who you turned into. You are so strong; you handle everything with such passion and grit, that I can't help but thank you. Thank you for pushing yourself, and for not letting anything or anyone get in your way. The boys were mean sometimes, and the girls talked about you, but that never fazed you. That chip on your shoulder only made you strive even harder for greatness.

Thank you for making me unique. Thank you for making me extraordinary. Thank you for making me, me.



Cover Image Credit: tumblr

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6 Ways Hispanics Spice Up Thanksgiving

Hispanics do Thanksgiving differently. Here's how.


How to spice up Thanksgiving according to Hispanics.

1. We don't have a turkey, we get out the Pernil (pork). 


The main dish is something we prepare days ahead. marinating in the fridge for at least two days. Those in the house would wake up to the smell of seasoned pork crisping up in the oven. Thus, alarming them that Thanksgiving has finally arrived.

2. We wake up at the crack of dawn to clean the ENTIRE house, yet no one is allowed upstairs.


You could have cleaned your house the week before, heck, even the day before, but once you are up on Thanksgiving your mom is there with the mop and rag to do it all over again.

3. You will starve all day to eat late at night. So don't let your mom see you sneaking some food. 

All that cleaning sure makes you hungry. We just save that feeling for later when the meal is ready and everyone and I mean everyone, is in attendance. Sounds easy but when you have close to thirty people you have to wait for, the time goes by slower than a turkey crossing the road (pun intended).

4. The WHOLE family fills up one house. 

By the whole family I mean all of our moms seven brothers and sisters, followed by your seventeen cousins that accumulate between them. But wait there's more! Your dads twelve brothers and sister join later on with the countless amount of cousins that accumulate between them. After the family has eaten then friends of the family join and the night seems never-ending.

5. No need to nap off the food coma, we just dance. 

Whether it be with bachata blaring from the speakers or a live mariachi doing their "Gritos" we know how to work the food off and keep the party going.

6. The celebration never ends. 

After the food has been devoured, and the music has ended, you would think you could finally sleep peacefully in your bed. Wrong. The celebration just continues till we have to go back to work, and honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way. The bond we have with our family is like no other and being able to celebrate the holidays together is something we deeply cherish.


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