Persuasion, Politics, and a Whole Lot of Opinions.

DO YOU want to be able to to voice your opinion on matters such as political, ethical, or emotional over dozens of media platforms?

DO YOU want to be involved in a fantastic circle of friends who come together and help collaborate on ideas?

DO YOU want to be able to write with no word limits, be able to write about anything ranging from you cat to why you're upset Pluto isn't a planet anymore and that through off your solar system song from Blue's Clues?


Odyssey ranges through hundreds of topics you can talk about. Music, movies, social media, love life, foreign countries, school, get the idea.

This is your voice, being seen and heard over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, The Odyssey Online. These are your peers who get to read, and if they share, their peers read, and so on. It's a never ending cycle.

I love writing, which is why I am involved with Odyssey in the beginning. Being in Odyssey has given me the responsibility that I will need later in life with my public relations degree. Not only am I the Social Media Manager, but I am also the EIC for the University of Central Missouri's very own Odyssey. Like how cool is that?

Now this isn't some sort of advertisement, even though it started out like that, that's just how I like to write. You get to express what you like to do in "essays" that your teachers/professors hate. Odyssey loves that. I like to write to get peoples attention. I like to write because I am able to be myself when I am thinking of something. I get to share my stance on political matters and I get to share my opinion on things like why you shouldn't go back to the jerk who keeps tearing you apart. (Seriously, stop doing that.)

If you love writing, come join me and my team of fantastic writers. If you love to write, I don't want you to limit yourself. Writing is a way of expression. Writing helps get what you really feel down and out of your head. It's like you're talking to someone, but you're literally just reading it as you're typing it out and you instantly feel better for some odd reason.

"But what of my opinion makes people hate me?" That's a question you're thinking right? WRITING ISN'T A WAY TO MAKE PEOPLE LIKE YOU. DON'T AGREE WITH SOMETHING YOU DON'T AGREE WITH.

-Trump is an idiot.

-I don't trust Hillary.

-Abortion should only be legal if you were sexually assaulted and a pregnancy came of it. (Again, my opinion, hate me if you must, but I will tell you I'm awesome, despite my opinions.)

-Harry Potter is still my favorite.

-My cat, Macbeth, is literally my catchild.

-I'm twenty and I'm engaged.

-Music helps me not get angry.

-Documentaries are my favorite "movies" to watch.


We all have our opinions are certain matters. I could say Dump Trump and Screw Hillary and thousands of people are going to hate me because half of the population thinks that Trump is an angel from above, and half of the population is ignoring the fact that Hillary should be in prison; well no, correction, THEY BOTH SHOULD BE IN PRISON. Hillary for deleting federal and governmental documents, and Trump, well, for being a sexual predator and saying that "He can go and just grope some girl just because he can." (paraphrased, of course.) Like, do you seriously want this man to be your president? A sexual predator? Someone who thinks that it is COMPLETELY OKAY to degrade women just because he's "famous." He's famous for screwing up so many times and for having witnesses come out and say that he tried to sexually assult them, but you don't see anyone on the Trump Bandwagon batting an eyelash. Do you really want someone who's businesses have failed X amount of times? What if he screws up America as a whole? I'll tell you right now, the wall he want's to build, it won't happen. Secondly, open your eyes are freaking realize that technically all of us are immigrants of this country. So are you wanting to get deported to? Because he wants to deport people who ARE classified as US citizens, and have served in our US Militia, but you won't see that across any billboard or any magazine because that's "slander." But you also don't want a woman as president, no. You're that big macho man who doesn't want to be told what he has to do by a woman, yes? Well YOU'RE WRONG. I don't want her being president because she is a fraud. Not five years ago she was bashing on LGBT and saying that marriage should only, I repeat, ONLY be between a man and a woman. Last year she said that she fully supports LGBT. Um, wrong. You are only saying that because you want to get into the white house again. Secondly, her abortion plan is 110 percent incredibly INSANE. WHY WOULD YOU VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO IS OKAY WITH THIS.

Now see? Those are my opinions. My thoughts on a screen. You may hate me, but that's okay. (Need I remind you again, I'm pretty cool.)

So, now that I have told you that you can literally write about anything you want, LITERALLY ANYTHING, I can help you get started out with things and you can join a fabulous team.

And if that doesn't give you an answer, I like to buy pizza..

(Think about it)

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