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To The Girl Who Everyone Loves, But Nobody Wants

Would you give up your personality for looks?

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I'm sitting here writing this article to the girl who seems to always be in the background. Nobody wants you but everyone loves you. People aren't attracted to you physically but will sit and talk to you for hours on end. They'll open themselves up to you, but as soon as someone else walks into the room, they close back up and put that mask back on.

What does this mean? Are you that ugly that someone doesn't want to be seen being real with you?

Boys have always been intimidated by me. I have come to the conclusion that it is simply because I am a woman who has a voice and isn't afraid to use it. This, in turn, threatens the little power they think they hold over me.

They put me on the back burner, thinking I'm "wifey" while they chase girls with better looks and quieter mouths. But I'm not going to sit here and be the second option, the backup.

I'm writing this to the girl who has a voice. Stay powerful. Keep your confidence and your voice. Don't let others silence you, and don't silence yourself just for the sake of someone else. If they can't handle your mind, then are they worth it?

This is also to the girls who tear other girls down. You may be prettier. You may be able to get more out of guys because of your looks. You may be able to weasel your way into every guy's thoughts. But why are you going to flaunt that?

You are worth more than what you can get from hungry men, you are worth more than your beauty. Your looks may fade, but you'll always have your personality. Before focusing on how you look on the outside, focus on how you look inside. Beauty doesn't mean anything really if you're shallow. My brother has asked me, "Why are your friends always so beautiful?"

I reply, "Because I have a beautiful personality."

There have been multiple situations where a guy liked me for my brain but would chase my friend because they were prettier. I have been told multiple times by friends that they're "better at having a body, and I'm better at having a mind". Yes, they really said that. They say this as if it was a presentation of a trophy. What are you winning? What do you gain from trying to tear down my confidence and self-worth?

You shouldn't have to tear down your friend, or anyone really, to build your self-worth.

I know that in today's society, where looks are the first thing people see, this will only get harder as we grow with more and more technology and more and more social media. I know that it is a possibility that we may only get shallower as a society, especially now with kids growing up with social media.

I'm not saying the perfect girl is ugly and smart, or that all beautiful girls are mean and dumb. What I'm saying is we should stop factoring beauty, and start looking inside.

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