Ever since I can remember, I’ve been picky. I was the child who didn’t eat their entire dinner, was threatened with the ole “you can't leave the table until its all gone”, and ended up sitting alone for 2 hours until my mom just gave up. My palate has broadened... a little, but I still find my specific tastes shaping my life. People often comment on this when I order the same things at restaurants, have extremely high expectations when it comes to relationships, or pass on something if it doesn’t catch my attention in a matter of 5 minutes. Sure, pickiness can run someone’s life, but ruin it? Heck no. Here are some positives for all my picky people out there.

Food: You have certain tastes, literally, and only want the best of the best to be digested. Sure, some people may be weirded out you’ve ordered the same thing at a restaurant since you were 10, but I just call that tradition. Also, a major plus of being a picky eater is you’re never that person that cant make up their mind about picking a dinner location. First date? You know where you’re eating and there’s no ifs ands or buts.

Music: You know what your ears like and what makes them bleed. Sure you may be the one always controlling the aux, but because your preferences are limited to generally a certain genre, you know every artist out there, making for a prime hipster of new music

Friends: There are specific qualities out there, and you know just how to find them. Just because you’re picky with friends, doesn’t mean you’re not social or stuck up, you just know the type of people you want to be surrounded by. Friendships are very important to you because it took some work to find the people who compliment your personality. You understand life is too short to waste on certain people.

Relationships: Like choosing a friend, but on steroids. Not only do you need to find someone that appeals to your visual tastes, which is hard enough, but you have to find that perfect personality. Because of this, you generally will not get attached to people quickly. If there is one flaw or quality they don’t meet, it’s on to the next one. Does this make you a heartbreaker? Kind of, but there’s a lot of fish in the sea and no time to waste.

People tend to use the term “picky” as an insult, but it is actually the complete opposite. Because of my pickiness, I have a great taste in music and food, have only the best of the best when it comes to friends, and don’t waste my time on dead-beat boys. Instead of the p-word, I’d like to think we are more determined. More driven to get what we want. We pay attention to detail. We know ourselves, and others extremely well. So next time you want to call me out for picking the sausage off my pizza, think again.