6 Perks Of Attending Bob Jones University
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Student Life

6 Perks Of Attending Bob Jones University

Strict isn't always bad.

6 Perks Of Attending Bob Jones University
Bob Harper

If you aren't from Greenville, SC or a conservative Christian family then you probably haven't heard of Bob Jones University. Bob Jones is a small Christian university known for it's strict rules and very conservative values. Bob Jones is also the brunt of many jokes and complaints because of it's abnormal rules and beliefs. While I want to say that I don't agree with everything that Bob Jones believes or does and that my convictions definitely don't align with the BJU rule book, there were benefits to attending one of the strictest schools in the country.

1. Few distractions from homework

We weren't allowed to have Netflix, go on one-on-one dates, or stay out past 10:29 so there was always PLENTY of time to focus on studies. The lack of distractions was probably one of the main reasons that I was able to carve out 4-6 hour study sessions. I was easily able to clear my schedule and focus on studying days before big tests, the gym became a very attractive past-time once Netflix was off the table and my roommates and dorm-mates became my best friends thanks to our early curfew.

2. Emphasis on spiritual life

We had Chapel almost every day and were required to attend church on Sundays. Now I have to admit that there were many sermons I missed because I wasn't paying attention or I didn't have a good attitude about all the required services I had to go to but I really did learn more about the Bible and how to have a disciplined spiritual life thanks to all the time dedicated to Bible study. The chapel speakers that the school hosted were sometimes hit or miss but once I decided to set aside my natural inclination to resist the messages I felt that there were more hits than misses.

3. Kind people

There are mean and nice people everywhere you go and just because a person claims to be a Christian doesn't mean they will automatically be kind, but the people at my school were very nice to me. It probably also helped that BJU is located in sweet-as-iced-tea South Carolina, but the school's employees and students were both very sweet. I never got cussed out (it was against the rules anyway), people respected my personal space and (most of) the guys really were gentlemen.

4. Structure

Thanks to BJU I quickly learned self-discipline and how to live a structured life. Before college I was pretty flighty and had a hard time making decisions or making myself follow a plan or submit to rules but my time at school really helped me see the benefits of planning and structure. Self-discipline is never easy to learn and I'm very grateful for the character traits I had to cultivate in college. I feel more prepared to take on the not as fun aspects of being an adult thanks to the personal growth I experienced at Bob Jones.

5. No gross PDA

I didn't even realize how much PDA I had been spared until I visited my friends at other colleges. Let me tell you, I was not prepared for the hand-holding, kissing, snuggling lovey-dovey couples I saw on other campuses. I don't mean to sound like a prude but I grew up on Military bases then went to school at BJU and I was pretty grateful for the rules against PDA at my school once I saw couples at other schools.

6. Small & beautiful campus

Bob Jones is a really small campus settled in the heart of South Carolina and I really enjoyed the fact that I could walk from one side of the campus to the other in less than 15 minutes. There were some days I rolled out of bed and made it to class on the other side of campus within 10 minutes. The spring season in SC is gorgeous and school was less than 10 minutes from downtown Greenville. I've lived a lot of places but Greenville is by far the most beautiful city I've ever had the chance to live in

Bob Jones has its strengths and weaknesses but in the end I learned far more than just academics and I will forever be grateful for the lessons I learned there!

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