Perks of a 5th Year Senior
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Perks of a 5th Year Senior

"Enjoy it because, it's happening."

Perks of a 5th Year Senior
Victory lap

To finish, means to succeed. Each person has their own journey, some longer than others and that's okay. It's how we handle the situation that matters the most. Alright, let’s face it being a 5th, 6th, or 7 th year senior doesn’t sound all that appealing but at the same time there is still beauty in it. Maybe you didn’t expect to be in this spot four years ago, because did any of us? But, at the same time having this extra time has allowed us to see things from a whole new perspective.

1. Less class hours

Wooo, your at the point you are adding random classes just to fulfill your course requirements.

2. More time to think about what to do with your life

Not having as much going on (well, you probably do with work and such....) However, it gives you extra time to ponder the opportunities outside the bubble.

3. Underclassmanlook to you as if you are some superhero

This surprised me, Senior year I thought freshman looked up to me but this semester I have had more looks of ooohs, and awees.

4. Teachers’ look at you as more mature

Okay, this has been a shock to me and many of my other victory lap friends, but it seems that your professors and others around you strike up more meaningful conversations than you've had. Not that you haven't had any.

5. You don’t have to make as many friends

Well, that sounds about right. Many people have graduated moved on with their life... you just want to be introverted. Let's face it you've been around awhile the urge to meet new people really isn't there but it is there..

6. You know the campus

That's obvious (well for your major classes anyway).... you've been around the block a few times.. However, I am not going to lie.. this semester I have spotted things I have never seen before.

7. We think to have a better sense of calming with graduation approaching

We have advice from our senior class and are stressed but maybe not as stressed as others

8. Social limbo…. People aren’t here and you want to be equal.

It's hard not to be nice to the youngsters but at the same time you're friends have graduated and moved away, a few of stayed but BALANCE is key. You can't hog them all the time

9. You learn to appreciation for the legacy of stuff grows the longer you're around

The more time I spend around campus and professors I have become much more appreciative of the small things.... even, chapel..

10. You go to bed around too early to count

So, long 2 am talks and adventures... don't be shocked to find yourself exhausted by 10 p.m.

11. You hangout with people you don’t even expect

Well, you have to readjust the circle..

12. More time to experience


13. Be able to do more clubs and organizations

Yup, why not live a little and come out of the hole...

14. You probably live off campus or have friends off campus and you aren’t nearly as around as you once were

You were always on campus but, now being on campus at times can be strange

15. You’re more introverted than you were

So long, going up to every new person you see and say hi in the hall... hello only recognizing possibly 2 faces on the walk across campus

16. You feel less obligated to counsel freshman


17. Your weekend plans consist more than sleeping in

After a long work week you now want to do stuff.

18. You thought senioritis was bad… 5TH YEAR SENIORITIS BAD


19. You miss your friends who graduate.


20. You go to class, not for a grade but to learn

It's not about the grade anymore but you are now having philosophical conversations with the professor.

21. You understand the importance of bucket list.


22. You have a life out of school… you are independent and dependent at the same time… AKA. ADULTING BILLS

23. You appreciate life more than ever

At first it may not come easy and it is definitely a journey but the simple fact of the matter is that you are working toward the final goal... GRADUATION! No matter, how long it may take.

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