3 Ways Athletes Can Handle Performance Anxiety

3 Ways Athletes Can Handle Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety Is another aspect of sports that an athlete can train to reduce the effects on their performance.

Performance anxiety is a naturally occurring reaction to many athletes in both training and competition. These feelings of nervousness, anxiety, and fear interfere with performance. Many athletes learn to find a way to cope with these feelings.

Performance anxiety in sports, often linked closely to choking, is the decrease of athletic performance due to too much-perceived stress. High expectations of their won success can contribute to their anxiety. This feeling is often influenced by the way athletes interpret the situation. Meaning, the way an athlete’s self-talk describes the situation creates feelings of stress, anxiety, and fear. For the athlete, to know the feelings and the physiological reaction of performance anxiety is critical to recovery and prevention of performance anxiety.

Let’s look at three things you can do before the match, during the match, and after the match to deal with performance anxiety.

Before the match:

When you begin to experience these feelings, accept and recognize these feelings. When you avoid anxious feelings, you exhaust resources (such as your focus) quicker than your intended to. Notice these feelings, but do not focus on them.

During the match:

Focus on the task at hand rather than the outcome. Existing in the present moment is where the best performances occur, not when thinking about the outcome of the match. To help with this, focus on your breathing. That focus will pull you back into the present.\

After the match:

Review your performance and take away the positive aspects of your performance. Once you identify those actions. You can reinforce those actions and behaviors that you exhibited in order to increase the likelihood of that desired outcome.

Performance anxiety Is another aspect of sports that an athlete can train to reduce the effects on their performance.

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An Ode To Caffeine Pills

The energy boosting pill that is legal and effective.

Let me describe a familiar situation in my life:

It's Saturday night, your friends are texting to see what you're doing and if you're coming to the pre-game, but you're exhausted. You happened to go out last night and stayed up late, only to wake up early. As much as you tried to be productive today you got nothing done and now you want to go out again just to get away from the homework vibes.

Only one problem: you're exhausted and can't see yourself making it past 9 pm let alone the time you get to the club. One (legal) solution: caffeine pills! The little white pill hits within half an hour and provides you with enough energy to wake up and actually talk to people. You can buy a hundred for $8 at Vitamin Shoppe and each one is equivalent to two cups of coffee.

After swallowing, you feel a little placebo effect. It's not enough to give you a boost yet, but it's enough to clear away some of the storm clouds lingering above your head. Life is about to get better soon and some good vibes are heading your way. Flash forward to the club, the music is blasting and you're now the only one in your friend group jumping up and down to the beat. Where did all this energy come from? They ask. Two words: caffeine pills. A miracle drug with little repercussions compared to its rivals cocaine and Adderall. It's just like coffee, bro.

Caffeine pills can help you out during the week too. I take them when I have a lot of work to get done and they enable me to sit in one spot without peeing every 20 minutes like too much coffee does to me. When you get comfy that can be a blessing. The pills are a lot more portable than a coffee mug too, which has the potential to spill all over your bag, laptop, or papers. Trust me, no matter how non-spill the brand says their mug is, I will find a way to spill it.

Lastly, coffee has a lot of drawbacks that make caffeine pills favorable. It gives you bad breath, stained teeth, can upset your stomach, and can be expensive. Most of us drink coffee for the boost, not the taste, with the exception of a sugared-up Starbucks Frappe which tastes pretty good. Coffee can be too hot or too cold to drink and some of us want that boost ASAP instead of sipping our coffee like a fine wine. On the other hand, caffeine pills are quick, easy, portable, and skip straight to the good stuff. You don't even have to brush your teeth after taking one!

Cover Image Credit: treatheadaches.com

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28 Rootin' Tootin' Texan Things To Do This Summer On A College Budget

Get out there and see the Lone Star State.

The spring semester is winding down and the summer months are fast approaching. You're probably starting to ask yourself "What the h*ll am I going to do this summer?" Everyone wants to have a memorable summer and luckily for us, Texas is the best place to do that. (Okay, maybe I'm a little biased but whatever.) Here are 28 Totally Texans Things to do this summer that won't break the college kid budget.

1. Hit the Austin Graffiti Park and show off your creative abilities

Cost of admission: $0

Spray Paint: ~$5

2. Hike up Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg

Cost: $7

3. Spend the day at Discovery Green in Houston

Cost: $0

4. The Memorial Day Concert in Dallas

Cost: $0

5. Kayak on Caddo Lake in Karnack

Cost: $4

6. Float the Comal River in New Braunfels

Cost: Parking at Prince Solms Park $10, Tube Shoot $2

7. Two-step the night away at Gruene Hall in Gruene

Cost: $0-$25 depending on the performer

8. Find your new favorite food at the Texas Truck Yard in Dallas

Cost: ~$10, varies

P.S. These are popping up all over the state so if you're not local to Dallas you're still in luck! With a simple google search, I found food truck parks in Austin, Abilene, College Station, Houston, and San Antonio.

9. Make up your own theory about the mysterious lights in Marfa

Cost: $0

10. Visit Sea Turtle Inc. in South Padre Island

Cost: $6-$10 depending on the time of year

11. See the Silos and get brunch at the Magnolia Table in Waco

Cost: $0-$20

12. Float the Frio River at Garner State Park in Concan

Cost: $8

13. Explore The Pearl Markets in San Antonio

Cost: $0, varies

14. Climb the Franklin Mountains in El Paso

Cost: $5

15. Watch a double-feature at a classic drive-in movie at Stars and Stripes

Cost: $8

Locations in Lubbock and New Braunfels

16. Visit the "original" Whataburger in Corpus Christi

Cost: ~$7, varies

17. Unlimited Bowling and Laser Tag at Grand Station Entertainment in College Station

Cost: $10-$15 depending on the day of the week

18. Watch a 4th of July parade and Firework Show, or have your own

Cost: $0- $10 for Sparklers

19. Dig into the Kickapoo Caves in Bracketville

Cost: Admission $3, Cave Tours $10

20. Take a day trip to any of the Texas beaches

Cost: $12 for a City of Port Aransas Beach Parking Pass + Fuel

21. Get a scoop at the Little Creamery in Brenham

Cost: ~$5

22. Venture into downtown San Antonio

Cost: $0, Varies

23. Explore the "Grand Canyon of Texas", Palo Duro Canyon in Canyon

Cost: $5

24. Spend the day at any of the public lakes in Texas

Cost: $0, Varies

25. Be part of modern art at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo

Cost: $0

26. Learn to finish from Texas Parks & Wildlife

Cost: Park Admission $3-$8

Heres the website: www.tpwd.texas.gov

27. Apply your new skills at Galveston Bay

Cost: $0

28. Make a pit-stop at Buc-ees

Cost: Varies depending on what you buy

With locations in New Braunfels, Luling, Bastrop, Temple, Texas City, Waller and many more across Texas, you're sure to find one on your road trips this summer. Fill up on gas, grab some snacks, admire the clean bathrooms, seriously though, and get back on your way. Buc-ees is truly a blessing, everything you need for a kick-ass road trip all in one spot.

So get out there and see Texas. Here's to Summer 2018!!

Cover Image Credit: Instagram @tatum_sprouse

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