The mere idea of perfection is as visible as wind itself, yet the desire to be an embodiment of perfection will always exist. One craves the concept of being freed of all flaws through an unattainable goal. The want is there- but the ability to achieve perfection does not exist due to the fact that humans will always error.

If perfection does not exist what goal can be set?

The next best thing to perfection is becoming the absolute best version of oneself. We can learn to overcome our natural tendencies toward jealousy, fear, anger, vanity, or any other inclination toward a self destructing habit in a few ways. One way is through accepting that these temptation will always be present. Another is promising yourself to move forward. Instead of trying to erase the flaw we are given an opportunity. Every time we refuse to be made a slave to our selfish desires we are proving the strength within our own hearts. We are made stronger each time we overcome the trap of humanity. Thus, tasting the closest bite of perfection we can come to as people.

Why should you accept that you are not perfect?

No one is perfect nor will anyone ever be. If we lust after a concept that is indigestible we will turn sour and dissatisfied with who we are today. It is a set back to place a standard upon oneself when it cannot be reached. Holding hands with the importance of acceptance is the need to stop comparing yourself to those around you. Learn to acknowledge where you fall short without holding it against your capabilities. Falling short is okay. Comparing yourself to others is deadly. By accepting yourself and your shortcomings you shoot yourself forward and in its wake you affect all of those around you. You are your best and worst companion.

You are your best and worst companion.

By eliminating social comparison we can focus on the root of our own calamities. It forces us to move forward and to work on our imperfections without the lowering of self-esteem. Recognizing that you are imperfect is the opening of the doors of acceptance. Accepting yourself as both flawed and capable is the fastest way to reach the goal of being the best version of yourself. There is freedom within allowing yourself to be imperfect. Through self- reflection and the process of eliminating the fear of being vulnerable you can achieve much.You will begin to lay down the framework for a perfectly imperfect bridge you have between attaining the impossible and tasting the possible.