Nearly a year ago Daughter (an indie/folk band from England started back in 2010) released their sophomore album January 15th of 2016. Not to Disappear takes on a darker tone compared to the band’s previous album and EP’s. Elena Tonra’s (the band’s lead singer) lyrics maintain their simplistic yet poetic style and her monotonous, static-like vocals against the hectic drums and guitar make a well-matched pair The songs on the album are deep and thoughtful while taking on a glum/melancholy sound (perfect for the winter season). “New Ways” jittery sound includes hopeful yet depressive lyrics while “Numbers” has intense percussion with even more intense lyrics. The band’s songs have powerful messages that allude to mental illness through deep and complex metaphorical and poetic lyrics.

The music videos that Daughter pairs up with her songs keep up with the album’s overarching tone with melancholy and almost nostalgic scenes.

The official music video for the song “How” is reminiscent of the different feelings of anxiety and depression, while the video for “Doing the Right Thing” invokes intense scenes of nostalgia and loneliness.

Daughter’s powerful songs are paired with similarly powerful music videos that emphasize the album’s theme.

The album’s gloomy and nostalgic sound goes well with the gloomy, snowy outside on cold evening nights. Daughter’s songs are calming and peaceful with lyrics that read like poetry. If you’re looking for new bands/artists to listen to, Daughter is a wonderful band that could introduce you to a whole group of other different indie/folk artists.