It's the international debate that has been going on forever.

Pepsi or Coke.

Sometimes it depends on the area that you are from, but really it just depends on one thing COKE IS SUPERIOR. And anyone who thinks otherwise has some serious issues. It's not just my opinion, it's the actual facts and you can ask anyone that. The only logical reason anyone would ever get a Pepsi would be if the restaurant didn't sell coke, which even then there could be better options.

Honestly, there are a lot of things than I'd rather do than drink a Pepsi over coke.

1. Drink Rootbeer

This might not seem like a big deal, but rootbeer is the WORST drink ever to me.

2. Drink a galloon of milk and then run a mile

Lactose intolerant girl right here.

3. Have an 8 am class EVERY semester until graduation

4. Have to wear overalls every day for a month

Sorry to those who actually like overalls

5. Eat Brussel Sprouts

Yes, I am still a child and cannot stand them

6. Get my braces put back on

Extreme I know, but thats how much I CANNOT stand pepsi

7. Watch the Patriots win 15 more Super Bowls

8. Rewatch Maroon 5's half time everyday for the rest of my life

9. Retake college algebra

it was a bad class guys

10. Be on the receiving end of one of Gronk's blocks

I would not be able to get up from that

11. Be forced to watch "The Ted Bundy Tapes" night

Who gifs from a pineapple under the sea?

12. Take the SATS a college senior

13. Shrink my fav sweater in the dryer

14.  Have my flight delayed and then canceled.......TWICE

15.  Have one of those fish pedicures

My feet are seriously ticklish, so this is pure torture for me

16.  Wear the same belt as Travis Scott did at the super bowl literally anywhere

I wouldn't really say it was fashion

17.  Swim in a lake in Florida

Who knows what are in Florida Lakes

18.  Cut my hair super super short

19.  Have all my exams in one week

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20.  Drink literally ANYTHING else