The Pep Talk: Dealing With Failure
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The Pep Talk: Dealing With Failure

"You've got a heartbeat. It means its time to do something!" — Kid President

The Pep Talk: Dealing With Failure
SoulPancake: A Pep Talk From Kid President to You

Sometimes in life, things will go wrong. Like, really wrong. We'll spill coffee on ourselves before an interview, we'll buy the wrong size dress that we really like by accident, we'll lock our keys in the house and just stare at the dog from the outside, or we'll be like Barney Stinson and get the "yips" in front of Victoria's Secret models. It happens. We all have off days. But these things aren't that important. They make us feel terrible, but there are better things to be upset about. Even if we don't want to. That's just the way it goes.

This semester, for the first time in all my years in school, failed a class. Straight F. The final was 60 percent of my total grade and I must've blew it really bad. I studied, hard. I used notes a friend from a previous semester handed down to me. I looked up the topics on SparkNotes for extra information. I got to the test, answered the questions, thought I did decent, but ended up blowing it. I want to know why, but my professor won't email me back. I felt like a failure. I'm a hard worker, always, because I know I'm not as smart as everyone else, so I took this extremely hard. I called my mom and cried. She told me it was okay and she wasn't mad, but I knew it wasn't okay.

I bet you're reading this like:

"Why is she being so open? Does she want everyone knowing she's a loser? She must be really brave."

Just to clarify: Yes. I do. That's the point.

No, seriously.

What better comfort than to know that other people are in the same boat as you.

I know what it's like to feel as if you're alone in a crowded room full of successful beings and feeling less than normal. You feel like everyone has such a handle on things. Job, school, relationships, what they want to do with themselves. Its hard. I had six job interviews the whole semester. I got called back for none of them until today. But before that, I felt depressed and felt like I wasn't going to get anything. I felt like there was something wrong with me. And if you tried telling me otherwise, I'd tell you that you were wrong.

But sometimes we forget something. And as simple as it sounds, sometimes we forget we're human. In the midst of everything going on in life all at once, we all forget that we are just people. Everyone is different. We have different ideas. We all have the same looking brain, but with different mechanics. Some people go on the build rockets. Some people are bad at math. Someone people can memorize the United States Constitution. All people have different abilities, but it doesn't mean we're losers. It just means we're different.

So the next time you fail a class, or don't advance in a job interview, or just the next time you feel sad and depressed for no apparent reason. Just be glad you don't have the "yips." I'm just kidding. Just sit there and reflect. And accept. Accept that things don't always happen the way you want them to. Some people get fired. Some people don't graduate college in four years.

We're all different. Embrace it.

Also, enjoy this pep talk from Kid President.

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