When we think of strong people, we think of people who have muscles, people who are physically strong. Normally, we wouldn’t think of people who have disabilities as strong. Well, most people wouldn’t. People with disabilities are some of the strongest people out there. We just fail to see that as a society. The reason being is that we perceive them as there is something wrong with them, that they will never be as good as “normal” people. That is absolutely not fair to them. Personally, I believe that they are the true meaning of strong.

“Why would you consider them strong?” is the question that most people would be asking me at this point. Well, when was the last time that you saw a person with muscles being made fun of? Even if they were made fun of, that only happens every so often. A person with disabilities can be made fun of their whole lives and they will continue on. They deal with it so often, that it becomes a habit and a part of their life. Which is an absolute shame, and it shouldn’t be that way. Unfortunately, it is.

As a society, we should be bringing each other up, not tearing each other down. Nowadays, that isn’t how it is. Disabled people take so much criticism throughout their entire life. Being made fun of is part of their life. I find that offensive in so many ways. They did not ask to have a disability whether it be from birth or one that they have developed later in life. It is like people torture them for something they can’t control.

I, for one, will stand up for people with disabilities because I believe that they should be treated the same way that any other person is treated that doesn’t have a disability. It is not only because my sister has a disability. If you ever watched how some people treated others, it is a disgrace. There is no reason for it. I don’t have an answer of why people do it. I surely don’t believe in making people feel inferior to me, because I am not superior in any way to anyone. The only words that I can possibly say is to stay humble and kind to others because we are all going to end up in the same place in the end.