At first, everything seems fine. Everything seems okay. Your life is content. Growing up, you have these people who stick by you claiming they have your back in anything and everything. You learn to trust them.

You grow up to be an adult. You are old enough to figure things out. You can understand the grown-up decisions you or others could possibly make. You can help yourself when something comes up.

Remember the people you could trust the most, through thick and thin? Yeah, they forgot about you. They pushed you off that cliff. They stabbed your back in many ways. They got so caught up in their own perfect lives that they started to separate from you.

Unfortunately, this probably happens to all of us. We go through phases ourselves. We transition, we change, we do a lot. I get that, but you have to remember who you have.

We win some, and we lose some.

Recently, I decided to detach myself from the current drama that was happening between a group of people I considered close to me. We grew up together, almost as if we were related. The word "family" came up a lot.

Then, shit hit the fan and the pain was endless for a while. We were supportive of one another through the recent losses and obstacles. We pulled ourselves together and said that we would always be there for each other.

Forget that. A few years later and I look at these people like they are strangers. I do not recognize them anymore. The girl who helped me off the water slide in Disney World when I was only 5 years old now subsides in her own guilt in life and shoots me the death stare whenever she sees me. The girl who always had my back whenever something came up does not give me the time of day anymore.

The thing is, I honestly don't know what I did wrong to deserve that kind of treatment.

They went through journeys themselves. They had their own set of battles to fight, and I was there to support them, just like they did with me. But nothing was returned. Not even a "thank you". Not one thought of kindness. Something was set off, and they just cut ties.

But guess what? I do not care. At all, actually.

What's meant to be, will be, and I thank God that He laughs when I make plans with people. Deep down inside, I know they live with that guilt, but I live with none. However, it does suck when you grew up together, trusted each other, partied, hung out, spent lots of time together... and it's all gone, for nothing.

You feel me? The people you trust the most may also be the people who let you down the most. If that's the case, cut it off. Get rid of the toxic.

I did.