Most People Ask For A New Toy Around The Holiday Season, But This Boy Is Asking For So Much More
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Most People Ask For A New Toy Around The Holiday Season, But This Boy Is Asking For So Much More

Meet Caleb!

Most People Ask For A New Toy Around The Holiday Season, But This Boy Is Asking For So Much More

While majority of the world might be asking for materialistic items for Christmas this year, I want to shine some light on a boy who is asking for so much more this holiday season.

Meet Caleb.

Caleb is a very special and brave young boy who is asking for one thing only this year: to find the nurse who saved his life.

When Caleb was just a baby, he was in a tragic car accident that killed his parents and injured him and his four siblings. Caleb’s injuries were so severe, they weren’t sure if he would survive. Suffering from severe head trauma, Caleb’s veins had also collapsed making it almost impossible to get an IV into him. Without the IV that had the necessary drugs to save him, Caleb wouldn’t make it. A nurse at North Central Medical Center in Texas was responsible for getting Caleb his IV without ever losing hope. With her strong determination to save a young boy’s life, she inserted the medication into the bone marrow his ankle, saving him.

Caleb is now 18 and getting ready to graduate from high school. His only wish this year for Christmas is to find the nurse who saved his life that day and thank her.

With the help of social media, Caleb’s story spread like wildfire. The company, Edible Arrangements, read his story and contacted Caleb to offer him a free basket to send to this very special nurse!

Unfortunately this story doesn’t end the way we all wish it would. Caleb found people online who knew the nurse who saved his life. While we were all excited to hear the news, we later found out the said nurse had passed away from cancer not too long ago. BUT the story doesn’t end here.

While he didn’t get the chance to meet the nurse who saved his life, he was put into contact with her family and hopes to release her name, share more of their story, and to meet and thank her family. He’s currently waiting to hear back.

Now because Caleb’s story was such a hit and spread so quickly, it was no surprise he would encounter more people who assisted in saving him and his siblings lives that day. In the comments section of his viral Facebook video, he encountered the flight paramedic from that day, the ER doctor from that night, a nurse who aided to his brothers and sisters, and even the first officer on the scene of the accident. As the story continues to spread, he encounters more and more people who played a part of that very day.

Caleb and his siblings hope to gather as many people as they can that were apart of that day and have a reunion in Texas before Christmas so that they can thank every single person who saved their lives.

As someone who just happened to be on Facebook scrolling through the main news feed, I was very moved by this story and continue to follow it. I encourage others to follow it as well. Around the holiday's it’s nice to see a positive, uplifting story such as this one. Good luck, Caleb. I, along with many others, hope you and your family get that large reunion in Texas you’re hoping for!

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