Humans possess a wide rage of emotions. It's quite remarkable once you think about it. We are capable of expressing so many different feelings; hatred, anger, happiness, content, disappointment, fear, anxiety, remorse, pity, etc. Not only do we express these emotions towards different things, we also express them to or towards different people.

Now, I am not really a person of hatred. It's a strong emotion, and I think it should be reserved only for when it is absolutely necessary. Too easily someone gets frustrated with another person and claims that they "hate" them. I think hatred is often being misrepresented when it is used. It's a go-to word, and quite frankly it's being used so frequently that it's starting to lose any significant meaning. Like I said, rarely do I feel hatred towards someone, but rather, I feel sorry for them.

It takes a larger perspective to push past the immediate angry feeling that overcomes you when you become frustrated with someone and think "Why are they acting this way?", or "Why are they doing or saying this?" or better yet "What is going on in their life that is causing this behavior? Has something happened to them?" Once you take that, hard at first, step back, you realize that what you had previously been classifying as anger or hatred for that person actually turns into pity or sorrow.

This is the perspective that I have taken as I have matriculated into my young adult life, having dealt with so many people that you can't help but to feel sorry for. Among the many unpleasant encounters I've had with people, I've seemed to notice some trends in the type of people I run into. These trends generate a stereotype, in which I classify these people. That being said, the following stereotypes are some of the people I feel sorry for.

Firstly, I feel sorry for the people who laugh at the expense of others because they don't think they have anything better to do with their time.

I feel sorry for girls who can only feel better about themselves by tearing down another girl.

I feel sorry for the people who never learned that people with disabilities come from the same place that they did, that they are not any different from the rest of us and do not exist for you to stare at and comment on.

I feel sorry for people who need to take out the stress of their day physically or verbally on another person, whether it be a stranger, friend, or significant other.

I feel sorry for closed-minded individuals who conclude that their thoughts and their style of living is the only way to think or live.

I feel sorry for people who are so insecure about themselves that they need to pick on other people and make them afraid so that they can feel some type of power or control in their life.

I feel sorry for people who's long history of lying is the only truth in their life.

I feel sorry for ANYBODY who thinks it's acceptable to hit, abuse, or hurt any animal in any way, end of sorry.

I feel sorry for people who became teachers even though they don't like children, and don't like teaching.

I feel sorry for people who think they can trust drugs or alcohol more than they can trust people, or care about such things more than they do other people, for instance, their family.

I feel sorry for those who think that if they are miserable, everyone around them has to be miserable.

The bottom line is, people like this aren't anything worth ruining your day or attitude over. Becoming mad or angry often only makes you upset, while satisfying them. Rather than getting mad at them, realize how awful it must be to live with their attitude or mindset, and feel sorry that they choose to live that way. Doing this simple task, you will realize how much easier it will become to brush off people that would have otherwise caused your blood to boil. Most likely, you will have a happier and healthier attitude, you will find yourself growing mentally, and your blood pressure will probably be thanking you!