10 Times People Were Super Creative

Can a person be smart and stupid at the same time?

These people have found creative ways to show off their ingenuity. I'm sure their intentions were good, but they just missed the mark.

1. Tie your Shoes

This person almost has it figured out. Don't worry little guy, you'll get it eventually!

2. French Fry Cooler

Finally, a solution to the hot french fry problem! We all know what it's like to get your fries from the drive-through and burn our fingers and mouth because we can't wait the 5 minutes it would take for them to cool off. Just shove those salty potato sticks into the A/C.

3. No Strainer, No Problem

No strainer? No problem! This person really thought to grab their tennis racket and use it as a pasta strainer. Genius.

4. Snacking the Right Way

Have a lot of work to do, but in desperate need for a snack? Ditch the popcorn bag and pour it straight into the hood of your jacket!

5. Washing Dishes is the Worst

Don't want to wash your dishes? Simply place plastic wrap on your dishes before your food and you're all set.

6. Taco Holder

Look! A built-in taco holder right in their car. Does your car come with one of these nifty accessories?

7. Tennis Ball Storage

Life hack: Cutting your tennis balls in half allows for space for 2 more balls.

8. Toilet Grill

Did this person really turn their toilet into a grill/cooler? Gross!

9. Windshield Wiper Hack

Why wash your car when you can strap a cheap broom to the window?

10. Broken Blender Solution

When your blender motor breaks and you don't have enough money to go out and buy another cheap blender, whip out the power drill and make that smoothie that you need so badly.

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