If you are like most people, then you have had a job that you absolutely cannot stand any longer and want to quit. It happens. But what exactly about this job compels you to move on from it? Is the work that you are doing so unappealing or unrewarding that you are willing to sacrifice the money you are making and quit? In most situations, this isn’t the case. People don’t just quit jobs, usually they quit managers because the worker either doesn’t like the way the store or company is run or can’t stand working with the manager anymore. Again, it happens. You are not going to like every job that you have (if you do then you’re lucky), but from my job experience, it ends up being the manager that causes someone to quit their job because no one wants to work with an unreasonable, unfair, or non-personable manager. I know of people who don’t like the work they do but stick around because they like their manager. Lucky them. For those who know what it’s like to work with a manager you aren’t a fan of, continue reading.

What if you truly do not like the work that you are doing? Okay, that’s understandable, but can you afford to quit that job if you don’t have another lined up? When you’re a struggling college student like me, you’ll most likely suck it up and go to work because those paychecks are so valuable. Now what if you can tolerate your job but are having a hard time working with your manager for whatever reason? Suddenly that paycheck seems a little less worth the time and effort you put into that job because a bad manager, or a manager you dislike, creates a negative atmosphere at work. These bad vibes from the manger, whether the manager is aware of it or not, make working unenjoyable and that two week notice you’ve been itching to send it becomes more and more tempting every day.

So how can a manager be responsible for you quitting your job? Well, how would you feel if your manager was extremely impatient, blowing up on every employee and customer, unable to control their bad temper? Work isn’t so enjoyable. In fact, your manager’s raging temper brings down not only your mood, but also the rest of your co-workers. Now imagine this happening frequently. Before you know it, the best days at work are the ones where you don’t have to see your manager.

You may think there is nothing worse than a highly aggravated manager. Think again. When working you can put up with angry, annoying, or defensive customers, but strict managers who are so anal about perfection that they get upset with you for every little mistake not only radiate bad vibes, but are annoying beyond belief. Some people can handle angry managers by not letting their aggression get to them, but when you become annoyed with your manager? Hello two-week notice.

Of course, these are only a couple of reasons why one would quit his or her manager, and, of course, these issues may be resolved by talking to your manager about your concerns. But who really wants to approach their manager and say that you don’t like their attitude and that you think their impatience is not professional or suitable for this business? Yeah, right. If you dread going to work or consistently become upset during your shift because of a manager, that may be a sign that it’s time to send in those resumes again. Yes, making money is important, but if you’re a college student, the last thing you need is to be unhappy with your job. Your main source of stress should be school, not a minimum wage pass- time. It probably won't be the end of the world if you quit your monster manager.

Avoid bad vibes. Other places are hiring, I assure you.