People Come and People Go
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People Come and People Go

Why don't people stay?

People Come and People Go
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I've lost a lot of people in my life. Not to death or illness, but I've lost a lot of friendships. This isn't un-normal. People grow and people change and we move on. This doesn't make it hurt any less.

I've lost friends from high school, some even before graduation. When I started my freshman year, I sat with a large group of girls at lunch. On the last day of my senior year, I sat with four of my best girl friends and a couple very close guy friends as well. People come and go. Sometimes priorities change and you see the true side of people. People show you their uglier side and you lose interest. That happened to me with one of my friends from high school.

Sometimes people start to edge you out. This seems to hurt more. No matter how hard you think about it, you'll never know what you did that made them not want to talk to you anymore, what made them want to do things without you, what made them stop messaging you about their day. You'll never have that clarity until you ask, but we never ask.

Why would we? We don't want to know what we did wrong. We don't want to know our faults. We would rather guess and worry, its our human nature.

Sometimes this happens with people you've only known for a couple of months. And you think to yourself, how could I possibly made them turn on me in a couple months, a matter of weeks? Sometimes you know that you did nothing wrong, sometimes they just grow closer with others and it seems like they forget about you. It hurts because it seems like they threw something away that you really cared about, like them throwing away a gift you worked hard on.

But this is all normal.

This is life.

I'm not saying that it doesn't hurt or that it doesn't suck, I'm not saying you shouldn't take sometime to dwell on it but it happens to us all and we will get over it. Sometimes it's because of distance, personal issues, or just a change in personality as we grow older, but it's no ones fault. People are destined to grow apart.

Because of this, new friendships grow. New people enter our lives and soon we are doing things with them that we thought we would be doing with other people. It is what it is. It's life.

People change and people leave.

And that's ok.

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