I love spring for many reasons. It is finally hot, plants are growing again, it is not dark and gloomy every day, shorts and T-shirt weather, spring break, and so on... but what trumps this all and makes spring the worse season is ALLERGIES.


I will be honest with you and say that mine is not as bad as many of my friends and family. But it is terrible to the point where I'm writing an article about it. About an average of 24 million people have allergies in the United States. Yes, that is a lot! It is worse for students because we have to sit through the humiliation of sneezing and to cough that you become a nuisance. This article consists of my embarrassing allergies stories and how to make allergy season a bit more bearable.

The time I started crying in class…
No, I didn't cry cause of a bad grade or my teacher yelling at me. I cried because I was holding in a cough. As gross as it sounds, it's true and has happened to me multiple times. It was 8th grade, and I was sitting in my World History class. That week of class was horrible for me. Pollen was at its peak, I looked like a dying cat, and could not sit in class without feeling uneasy. We were all going a group activity, so it was loud enough for me to cough and not have everyone stare me down. It was about 20 minutes into class, and there it was the big nasty cough that I could not hold in. For my luck, everyone got quiet just as I was about to cough. I obviously could not do it now, so my smart self held it in, and it got so bad that I started crying. Let's just say that all my classmates thought I was crazy for crying in the middle of a 'fun' activity as my teacher called it.

What did I learn from this…..NEVER HOLD IT IN. I know how embarrassing it is to keep sneezing or coughing. It is so much better for you and your body to just let it out. Trust me on this.

How the heck do you get at least make this spring better?

Sip some of that TEA!


Tea is really helps you with cough and soothe your throat. So go to your local super maker and get yourself some tea. It's delicious and healthy to help you calm your allergies.

Get some tissues with aloe or lotion


Our poor nose become all red form wiping it numerous times so it would be a wise decision to get some tissues that contain some moisture. This will help keep your nose from being red and dry. Listen to fetus Ethan and Grayson, go get yourself some tissues.

Take over-counter medication like Tylenol or Claritin.


If nothing helps, over-counter drugs always provide relief. Be careful when you use it, some can make you drowsy!



This is a trick my mom taught me and it works so well. Take a tablespoon of honey and pour on black pepper on top. It sounds gross but eat it. It soothes your throat and reduces coughing.

Try to stay inside


I know it is hard to stay inside on a sunny day but it will be better for you to stay inside than going outside and coming back in dying of coughs. Maybe it is time to catch up on TV- show or a movie.

As dramatic as this sounds, I know that we can all get through this tough season of having allergies!