A Guide To Penn State's Tailgates

Penn State Tailgates: A Guide For Beginners

I only tailgate with the best.


I am not a Penn Stater myself, but after going to 4 Penn State tailgates I think I've gathered enough knowledge about the art of tailgating. Here are some tips if you're ever a newbie to PSU tailgating like I was:

1. Know the weather. And know the weather will change. 

Emily Skane

Penn State weather is completely unpredictable. It could say all week that it's going to rain and be cold and turn out to be clear skies and sunny. Wear versatile clothing and be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

2. Bring food

Emily Skane

Bring food with you to tailgate or you'll end up feeling like that skeleton, especially if it's a late game. Worse comes to worst, there will be plenty of Penn State moms around the tailgating fields just waiting to feed you, but it's always better to have your own snacks.

3. Comfortable shoes matter

Emily Skane

Save your six-inch heels for the club. Do not wear uncomfortable shoes to tailgate and especially to the game, no matter how cute they are. Comfy yet cute shoes like Vans, Converse, and sneakers are the way to go. Your feet will be sore either way but at least with comfortable shoes, they'll hurt less.

4. Don't overdo it on the tailgating

Emily Skane

Tailgating is a time to have fun and enjoy yourself before the game but know your limits. Watch out for that one friend that can get a little too wild. You don't want to miss the game so look out for your friends and make sure everyone is being safe.

5. Bring your A-team

Emily Skane

A tailgate isn't fun without your friends. Bring cornhole, a speaker, and some good friends and you'll be set for an awesome tailgate.

Penn State tailgates are legendary. I'm sure everyone has heard some pretty wild stories from a friend about a Penn State tailgate and it can be a little overwhelming the first time you tailgate yourself. Hopefully, this quick beginners guide is enough to get you through you're first tailgate a little more prepared.

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7 Reasons Indiana University Tailgates are the Best

Fanny packs, Excise & Puppies

Being at a big school like Indiana University has taught me so much. It's taught me that diversity is key, parties are truly a thing and that schoolwork is piled on. But, if Indiana University specifically has taught me anything, its not only how to tailgate or what "tailgate SZN" means, but its that there is nothing like a tailgate at Indiana University! Here's why:

1. Its the only place where wearing overalls is socially acceptable in this day and age.

Because where else can you wear striped overalls and converse and call it a trend? You're basically the odd one out if you don't own a pair.

2. Tailgates start early and end late.

Not only do we start as early as 9 am, but we don't really ever stop.

3. You don't get in trouble, until you do.

It's all fun and games until you hear about one of your friends getting a big ticket because they pet a dog by the frat tents. But hey, its all fun and games in the Big Ten!

4. Not only are public bathrooms crowded, they're praised!

It's rare when you see a line to use a port-o-potty. It's also rare when you see a line of people excited to use that same form of public restroom. I don't know if its the love for the atmosphere or the actual relief, but whatever it is, it's all part of tailgating.

5. The turnout is unreal.

Yes, the turnout is actually unreal. There's a reason why video companies like I'm Schmacked come to Bloomington. What could be more special than that? The fact that school spirit is shown immensely because the turnout shows in the football stands.

6. Tailgates are the kickoff to a great year.

Touching on school spirit again: tailgate SZN gets everyone who participates in the mood to actually be at school, even though we're waiting for them all week in class.

7. Tailgates are extremely inclusive.

Although Indiana University has a large greek community, there are hundreds of tailgate plots that are rented out on a weekly basis to fans who want to have a good time. So, in other words, you can be social at frat tents, or be social with other fans of IU football. Everyone at IU is joined together by one common element: loving the school itself.

So for all of you Hoosiers returning to school: be safe, have fun and be responsible because tailgate SZN is upon us!

Cover Image Credit: The Odyssey

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Noon Kickoffs As Told By UGA Students

The bane of every SEC school's existence......... a dreaded noon kickoff.


Noon kickoffs are the worst. That is all. Enjoy in our misery.

7am: Wake up

I don't even wake up for class this early.

7:30am: Shower, do hair/makeup, and get dressed

There is NOTHING more enjoyable than putting a full face of makeup on at 7:30 in the morning. Brb, I'm crying a little.

9:30am: TAILGATE

The only thing better than doing a full face of makeup at 7:30 in the morning is going out at 9:30am in the early morning Georgia heat to squeeze by very hot, very sweaty humans in frat houses that don't seem to understand the concept of A/C. Still crying at this point.

11am: Head to the stadium... finally :')

If you haven't succumbed to heat stroke yet, you'll be inside the stadium. 11am heat is the 10/10 the most uncomfortable heat a human being can experience BUT the only thing that makes it even slightly bearable is knowing you'll see the Dawgs literally crush and demolish whoever we play :)

12pm-4pm: GAME TIME

At this point, your soul has left your body in the form of sweat, makeup, and hair spray. Oh, and that top half of your cute, American Threads two piece? LITERALLY dripping in sweat.

Post game

If you ACTUALLY stayed long enough to see the ending of the game and didn't leave due to an impending heat stroke: shower and sleep. Pls.

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