Peace vs. Fear
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Peace vs. Fear

How do we choose Peace when we have so much to fear...?

Peace vs. Fear

March, the time of the year everyone starts to get excited… excited for warmer weather, for the final stretch of the school year, graduations, vacations, and the END to cold, dreary, Winter. March, a time that brings hope and happiness.

I look at seasons of the year and compare them to seasons of life. A "Winter" season of life would be a time of hardships, while a "Spring" season of life would be a time of renewal, redemption, and restoration. I have been going through a Winter season the past few months myself, literally and figuratively. I had been through and ugly break-up that left me shattered, self-doubt, financial struggles, and a death in my family. I was longing and hoping for Spring and for a change in my life and the current season I was in.

At the beginning of March, I started counting down the days to Spring with my preschoolers, every day we got closer and closer. I felt myself coming out of the "Winter" season of life I had been stuck in as well. My heart was full, I loved my job, my friends and family supported me endlessly, I found my faith again and I started taking care of myself through healthy eating and exercise. The sunshine was out more and I could feel the seasons switching both outside and in myself.

I started hearing about the new virus that was striking people around the world. I never thought it would come so close to home, but it did. Covid-19, the virus that took away almost everything in my life that brought me comfort and everything that was helping me transition into a brighter and happier season of life. I found out that I could not longer hold classes for my preschoolers, you know, the ones who I spent most of my week with… the ones who looked up to me and made me feel like a superhero (sometimes a princess)! I found out that I couldn't go see very best friends… or even go to church! I felt myself going right back into the "Winter" season of my life.

Then, I realized something… I had two choices. I could let the media, the empty grocery stores, and the fact that life would be completely different (until God only knows when) scare me and keep me in a season of "Winter" and fear or I could choose peace.

Easier said then done right? The virus didn't take away my family, the roof over my head, my dog Moose Jax, or my FAITH. Without my faith I am completely convinced I would not be living in peace right now. Without my faith I would be living in fear and giving in to my anxiety and all the craziness in the world. Without my faith, I would still be stuck in Winter. In the bible God tells us time and time again to trust in him. My church did an online service this past Sunday and my pastor said something that I feel we all need to hear right now. He said, "His peace comes from his presence, not the circumstances your under." (Nick Carey, Lead Pastor- Revelry Church: Indiana, PA) To me, this speaks measures! Jesus loves us, he saved us, and we have access to all the peace he has to offer no matter what the circumstances are… all we have to do is believe in him and spend time with him.

The world may seem like it is going through a season of "Winter" as a whole, but it doesn't have to be that way. We made it through Winter literally… we can do it figuratively! It's Springtime… So how do we chose peace over fear?

Try to see the positives when all you can see and hear are the negatives. I see communities coming together to take care of one another. I see families spending quality time together. I see more appreciation for individuals who normally do not get it, but deserve it. I see a realization that everyone has a crucial part in making our world-go-round. I see people praying for each other and relying on God more than ever before. Personally, I have time to focus on my health, do things I love like nap, drink tons of tea, read and write, spend time with my family and walk my puppy. It is a time where I can focus on renewal, redemption, and restoration like I mentioned above (things that happen during a season of "Spring" in life). Do things that make you happy, get outside and enjoy nature, be thankful for your current situation (others may be experiencing hardships much greater than you), spend time with God and pray for his peace and for other to find his peace, have faith and know that through this all God has a plan for your life, for my life, for our country, and for the world.

God bless you all and keep you safe.


a girl who is no longer a slave to fear…

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