I Pay Tribute To Music
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I Pay Tribute To Music

Never have I ever been so thankful to be able to listen.

I Pay Tribute To Music
"Music expresses that which cannot be said, and on which it is impossible to be silent." -Victor Hugo

Music is a universal language. People all over the world identify with music.

I pray tribute to music for being there for me when no one was. I pay tribute to music for allowing me to speak more than I can say...ever say. I pay tribute to music, for knowing exactly what my brain was thinking and what my heart wanted to hear.

Music helps me remember every song and an old memory that puts me back a few months, years, or even last week. I love the way it makes me zone out and refocus. The way it can put me completely out of touch with my own body is beautiful- it gets to the point of dancing like a fool and feeling utterly free.

Music can make the most horrible things seem like a story that happened to someone else.

It draws me in and pulls me out.

It simply has the power to intensify my feelings. If I'm happy, happy songs make me happier. If I'm sad, sad songs are comforting, and if I'm in love, love songs make me feel understood.

I love the way music has the ability to connect me not only with my friends but strangers around the world. The words that are left unspoken between us travel over hummed bars of loved tracks.

It makes nostalgia feel oh so real. A song defines every emotion you and a loved one have shared- it becomes synonymous.

Music is never boring, and just like art- it is subjective, and that's what makes it beautiful and interesting.

It has complete control over your emotions, you have 839742 playlists at your fingertips- a happy one, a sad, one and even a drinking one.

But most importantly, music is spiritual. It seeps into a part of you that needs to be awakened once in a while.

I pray tribute to music for making me thankful for simply existing.

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