My buddy and my protector

We were connected the moment you ran into my arms

No boundaries or awkwardness

You knew I would love you no matter what

And I knew you would be my side

You snuggled me warm on days where I was afraid of the dark

You growled and intimidated those who were trying to hurt me

You licked my face when tears would uncontrollably come streaming down

You laid into my lap as if it was your second home

And you always used your paws to nudge me to play

However, protecting me and being by my side wasn't a forever job

That day, you knew. You knew the days were getting shortened and you knew you had to say a proper goodbye before truly leaving me.

You came up onto my lap with your rigid legs and stared at me at the longest time. I remember scratching your head and thanking you for being there. Little did I know that that would be the last time.

You became sick. Out of nowhere and rapidly. You couldn't walk. Your once sturdy legs and healthy body began to wobble and you couldn't hold yourself up. I yelled. Yelled for help because things weren't right.

You couldn't get up and your breathing became slower. There was no way we were going to say goodbye. It was too soon. Too out of nowhere. But, as you stretched out your limbs one last time and took one more breathe, I knew we had lost you.

My heart broke. Not into broken pieces but puzzle pieces because all of our times together were no longer completed because you had taken the middle piece with you leaving it incomplete.

You were my best friend and protector and I wish I could've done more for all you did for me. I know you're trodding and running around up there and I hope doggy heaven is showering in tons of love and treats. I miss you every day.