Holy Week

Ever heard of Holy Week, a.k.a. Passion Week? If you're not really sure, then maybe this article can hopefully clear things up for you. The name originates as the week before Easter, starting on Palm Sunday.

This is the week where and everything starts to fall into place for Christ's crucifixion. Where Judas becomes a traitor, the last supper occurs, and Jesus is denied by those closest to Him. However, this is also where Jesus reveals His passion for us by willingly going through them because He knew the outcome would be worth the suffering.

Because of His undying love, we are able to experience salvation. No matter how imperfect we may be, if we confess our sins and give our hearts to Him, we are forgiven. If you actually think about it, He loves you abundantly more than the person who has ever loved you the most in your entire life.

Realizing that completely overwhelms me. Most of us don't truly understand the love of Jesus until we have gone through a time of traumatic suffering. I know this is what happened to me. The only time I would feel joy was when I would pray and all I had to do was trust in Him.

You don't have to be perfect to experience His grace; He understands how sin can become controlling over our lives and thank goodness He defeated it. I will forever be grateful for a Savior whose grace abounds. I pray if you haven't found the Lord yet, that you will, because trust me it truly changes you and you will be overwhelmed with joy.

Something truly remarkable that has happened recently is that even in the traumatic burning down of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the cross within still stands untouched by the fire. This is a great example of how Christ stands with us.

Even when we're in the midst of fire, Christ won't let us burn down, instead, we will be standing untouched by the fire. This week, as you go through a tough trial, I challenge you to seek the Lord and ask Him to guide you through it. He will never lead you astray.

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