Coming into college I was so stoked to finally go to college parties as a ‘college girl’ (I mean, I was basically the sh*t now). BUT, as we all know, the partying in college does die down after the first year or so because you finally come to realize that you actually need to do work in college. BUT, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t at least experience college parties at some point.

I will admit I partied pretty hard my first year and a half of college, and I wouldn’t take it back for the world. Some people are so against it, and I do understand because there is always the risk of something bad happening (which you should always have a plan before hand to be safe if something does actually happen), getting a ticket, or drinking too much. If you take care of yourself, you can have a pretty awesome time.

I advocate anyone who is about to enter college to go out to at least one party at some point in their college career, and here are some reasons why:

1. You can take cute pictures for the gram

Keep them classy of course.

2. Sometimes after a long week of school and stress, it’s nice to take the edge off with a drink

Know your limits too otherwise things can turn south fast.

3. You meet SO many people

A great way to put yourself out there and start making friends.

4. Dancing

This is like a hardcore workout too.

5. You have an excuse to look hot

Who doesn’t love getting dolled up every once and a while.

6. After hitting up a party you go and get pizza

Drunk food is the best food.

7. When you go out with the girls (or boys) and just mess around the whole time

Screaming your favorite songs on the top of your lungs with your besties is something we all need to do.

8. The laughs

You see some pretty funny things when out, and they are 10X funnier with some alcohol mixed in with it.

Remember to ALWAYS be careful and make sure you stay out trouble when out and again, have a plan. But just enjoy yourself. We are only young once, and since this is the time where we don’t have that many serious responsibilities yet, might as well get the partying out now while out metabolisms are still high.

Party hard, but study harder.