One of the worst parts about commuting isn't the drive. It isn't the cost of gas and the parking pass. It isn't even the missing out on school bonding and activities. It's the parking lot.

The parking lot has been one of the worst things about being a commuter at college. Here are 5 things all commuter do when you drive to school:

1. Leaving early to drive around aimlessly, looking for a spot

Me looking for a spot. ^^^

You need at least 15-20 extra minutes to find a decent spot because you are NOT walking that far. You already talked yourself into going to the gym later, so you aren't walking that mile to class. (Yeah, I know. We totally are.)

2. Getting there early and still not finding a spot, so you stalk someone

Don't pretend you don't. Everyone does it. You see that person walking to or getting in their car and you follow them. You wait for them to get to their car and you put that turn signal on because THAT IS YOUR SPOT GUY IN THE BLUE HONDA! DON'T TEST ME, I WILL RAM YOUR CAR!

3. Boasting to others about the spot you got

You know the look. It's the one you give to the others driving around still searching for a spot. It's slightly smug and a little scared because part of you wonders if that's the guy you cut off for the spot...don't judge me...but also check your car before you leave so you can make sure no one keyed it.

4. Settling for a shitty spot when you are late

I honestly do just suck it up a lot because I'm basically always late. I decide to walk the mile because I really do need and we know I'm not really going to the gym later.

5. Making your own spot

I always watch those guys that make their own spot and don't get tickets. Please, teach me your ways because if I did that, then I'd have like 20 tickets.

6. That person that parks SO CLOSE TO YOU

Like dude, at least take me out on a date first. It's even worse when they park so close and you are still in your car. I make sure to give that "look" with side eye.

7. Seeing an empty spot and racing the other person to get there

You win some and you lose some. I just tend to lose.

8. Making promises to whatever for you to get a good spot

"If I get a good spot, I promise I'll stop eating Chinese." We know we won't stop, but when that spot opens up you feel kinda guilty because you are breaking the promise you just made.

9. The rich kids parking however they want

The more expensive the car, the shittier it gets parked. You can tell a douche bag when they hog two spots, and two GOOD spots at that.

10. Walking to you car at the end of the day

Nothing feels better than walking to your car at the end of a long day. And once you get in, it's like relief just sets in because you know you are about to head home, so you plug our phone in and blast that music. You feel a sense of freedom.

Parking at school is never fun, you either walk a mile or you pull a douce move and steal a spot (we all do it), but one thing that's nice is having freedom other students down't have. Commuting isn't that bad and it's nice to be at home after a hard day of class.