Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on.

No matter what happens in life, I know I can always count on you. Any problems in my life that may arise, I know that you are just a phone call/Skype session away. Life may become all too hectic between my college classes, sorority functions, and work, yet I never feel disconnected from you. Some things in life just aren't going to go my way, and sometimes it's hard to accept that. You're always there to tell me that there is light at the end of the tunnel and to keep striving toward my dreams.

Thank you for the rules.

I may have fought you tooth and nail, but thank you for giving me boundaries. I may have hated the curfew you gave me, but it definitely kept me from some situations that are less than ideal. I may have broken it a few times (okay quite a bit), but it set me on the straight and narrow. Thank you for not allowing me to have a TV in my room growing up. You helped my imagination soar and I found my love for music and writing because of it. It's probably weird that I'm thanking you for these things, but I now see your reasoning.

Thank you for being there when I don't know how to be an adult.

I may be in my 20s now, but I am far from a full-blown adult. As much as I like to think I'm fully grown, I have much to learn. You're always a text or phone call away when I have no idea how to adult. Even for simple things like making doctor appointments, I still need some guidance. I have much to learn from you both!

Thank you for giving me everything I've ever needed and more.

Ever since I was born you have both gone out of your way to ensure that your children have everything necessary. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world all thanks to you both and your encouragement. Whether I needed something for sports, college, or just a hug on a down day, you've given it all to me. You taught us how to work for what we wanted, never just giving it to us. I know what hard work is because of you both. You've always put us first and I cannot thank you enough.

Most of all, thank you for giving me my role models.

I want to be just like you, as cliche as that is. I have never known more kind and sincere human beings than you two. The love you even have for one another is astounding. Mom, you show unconditional love to anyone that you meet and make friends wherever you go. Honestly, you could talk to a brick wall and be content. You never make anyone feel like an outsider and I love that. Dad, your hard work that you show day in and day out makes me shoot for exactly what I want. You worked your butt off for where you are and now you've retired to a paradise in Florida because of it.

I could never fully express how thankful that I am to have you two as much parents and my rocks. I love you!