My Parents Are My Relationship Goals

My Parents Are My Relationship Goals

They’ve proven that until death do us part is a real life promise.

#RelationshipGoals is a trending hashtag you’ll see on various platforms of social media. If you go on Twitter, you’ll see millions talking about themselves or celebrities they idolize. And when you go onto Instagram, you’ll see today’s most popular celebrity couples from Erik and Jessie James Decker to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. But what is it exactly that makes these couples relationship goals? Is it because they’re attractive people? Or is it the fact they’re normal people that do everyday things like talking about food and roast each other on social media? Think about it. Why do we classify one specific couple as relationship goals? Why don’t we look at the couples around us formed by our close friends and family? For me personally, the only couple that I’d classify as relationship goals is my own parents. Let me tell you why.

1. They’re not perfect

From a young age, I was told that there’s no such thing as the perfect marriage. In fact, if it looks perfect from the outside it probably is a mess on the inside. Take John Smith’s parents. Throughout his entire life, he never once saw his parents disagree. Only to find that his dad was having an affair for practically his whole life. So thanks, mom and dad, for teaching me that disagreements and arguments only make a couple stronger. They taught us that even when problems were fixed that didn’t mean that happily ever after was a guarantee. It meant that during happily ever after there would be bumps in the road that together as a couple they would use their teamwork to overcome.

2. They allow their vows to come to life

They’ve proven that until death do us part is a real-life promise. They’ve been together through sickness and in health and they’ve lived out their vows throughout the range of their entire marriage. They never once forgot to remind each other how much they loved one another and always made sure we saw how much they cared for the other.

3. They were the perfect examples

The statistics show that majority of girls will marry men like their fathers, and a high percentage of boys will marry girls like their mothers. For my brother and I, we’d be more than blessed to find such. Our parents taught us so much of what a healthy relationship should be like. My mom taught my brother that equality is everything and caregiving is a responsibility that a spouse has for the other. My father taught me that every girl deserves to be a real-life princess and should always be shown love and affection. If my brother and I marry a spouse that holds similar characteristics as our parents, we are in great shape for a strong and healthy marriage.

4. They kept their love alive

They never once stopped dating each other. By having the perfect balance of doing fun date night activities together, and always having fun family events to go to, they always had something fun to look forward to doing with one another. They showed us that just because you’ve been married a while it doesn’t mean you have to stop the fun. It just means your adventures only increase with each other and you continue to grow in the memories you make with one another.

5. They never went to bed angry

At the end of the day, they proved that they were best friends before husband and wife. And even though they fought, and boy did they have their differences, they remembered why they loved one another and were able to put that behind them. They were able to go to sleep happily, reminded of the love they share.

So yes, there are many flaws that my parents contained as a couple. Throughout their ups and downs, they proved that they were each other’s rock. They proved that they would tackle any obstacle as a team and they’d be each other’s number one fan in the process. Sure they might not live as lavish of a lifestyle as Blake and Ryan do. Or have as much fame and popularity as Eric and Jessie. But for me, they’re the only couple I would ever strive to mimic and have a relationship similar to. They’re the best influences I could have asked for, and I only hope I can have a marriage as beautiful and strong as theirs.

Cover Image Credit: Cheyenne Wong

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To The Dad Who Didn't Want Me, It's Mutual Now

Thank you for leaving me because I am happy.

Thank you, for leaving me.

Thank you, for leaving me when I was little.

Thank you, for not putting me through the pain of watching you leave.

Thank you, for leaving me with the best mother a daughter could ask for.

I no longer resent you. I no longer feel anger towards you. I wondered for so long who I was. I thought that because I didn't know half of my blood that I was somehow missing something. I thought that who you were defined me. I was wrong. I am my own person. I am strong and capable and you have nothing to do with that. So thank you for leaving me.

In my most vulnerable of times, I struggled with the fact that you didn't want me. You could have watched me grow into the person that I have become, but you didn't. You had a choice to be in my life. I thought that the fact that my own father didn't want me spoke to my own worth. I was wrong. I am so worthy. I am deserving, and you have nothing to do with that. So thank you for leaving me.

You have missed so much. From my first dance to my first day of college, and you'll continue to miss everything. You won't see me graduate, you won't walk me down the aisle, and you won't get to see me follow my dreams. You'll never get that back, but I don't care anymore. What I have been through, and the struggles that I have faced have brought me to where I am today, and I can't complain. I go to a beautiful school, I have the best of friends, I have an amazing family, and that's all I really need.

Whoever you are, I hope you read this. I hope you understand that you have missed out on one of the best opportunities in your life. I could've been your daughter. I could have been your little girl. Now I am neither, nor will I ever be.

So thank you for leaving me because I am happy. I understand my self-worth, and I understand that you don't define me. You have made me stronger. You have helped make me who I am without even knowing it.

So, thank you for leaving me.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Why I Appreciate My Parents So Much

This is for my two biggest supporters.


One thing I've noticed, the older I've gotten, is how much I appreciate my parents.

We've become so close, it's almost funny to think at one point I looked at them so much differently. When I was younger, my parents were much more strict than they are now. They disciplined differently and didn't let me do certain things. The older I've gotten, the more freedom I've gotten, which is one big sigh of relief.

My parents are such great people. Throughout my whole life, I've always had friends of parents or people who know my parents tell me how great they both are. I'm so blessed to have been raised by them and to have gotten their characteristics.

My mom is so loving and generous, and she thinks of literally everyone else in her life before herself. She's smart and funny, and she is always there when I need someone to talk to. She's taught me how to be courteous, kind, funny (with her sense of humor), and most importantly, accepting towards others.

The older I get, the more I realize how similar I am to her. She's my favorite woman in the whole world. We understand each other.

My dad is a thoughtful, hilarious, wise, and helpful guy who has taught me so many lessons throughout the years. He always makes sure my finances are in order, even more than I do. He keeps me laughing with his funny stories and made-up songs that he sings. He always asks me how my day was every time I walk through the door. He is so adorable and thoughtful, and I'm so happy I got his wit and humor.

His smile lights up a room and I'm so happy I've been hearing his laugh and will continue to for the rest of my life.

Another great thing about my parents is that they've taught me what love looks like. They're so loving, kind, and patient towards each other. I've rarely ever seen them fight in my life. They still treat one another how they did when they first started dating. I have friends and know people whose parents aren't together, and I'm so lucky to say I can't imagine what that's like.

My parents complete each other; they are soulmates. I'm so lucky and appreciative that I get to have the honor of watching their love play out throughout their lives.

I'm so happy and thankful that these are the parents I ended up with. They're the best. I hope to be half of my parents when I become a parent myself.

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