Parents Twenty Five Years of Marriage
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My Parents Just Celebrated Their Silver Anniversary — Should I Be Happy Or Disgusted?

25 years of marriage flies by when you choose love every day.

My Parents Just Celebrated Their Silver Anniversary — Should I Be Happy Or Disgusted?
Libby Redd

In a world where words like "divorce," "co-parenting," etc. are more common than not, it is extremely reassuring to know that some relationships are actually pure and lasting. My parents are rare- they've known each other for their whole lives, even having a photo together from when they were five years old. They went to the same school for twelve years and followed each other to college out of state. It really is crazy to me to think that they went off together so far and it still worked out. I for one could never do that! Shortly after undergrad, they got married while my dad was still working on his education. A few years went by and they had their first child, my older sister. Two and a half years later, they had their favorite child. Then five years later, my brother came into the world.

From growing up in a rural community, transitioning to an urban city for college, then moving back home- they stuck together through it all. After all these years, they have kept their wedding vows and they "still do." For "better or worse"- the good days (probably before my brother was born) and the bad days, where the trials of life seem to be too much to handle. In "sickness and health," they've been there for each other- whether it is sitting in hospital rooms together or my mom having to hide the Little Debbie's in our house from my dad when he's on a diet. For "richer and poorer," they have always been open with each other about money and respect each other for what each of them have to bring to the table. I truly believe that they will be together "til death [does] [them] part," even if my dad still continues to give my mom for Christmas/birthdays/anniversaries the oh-so-predictable: lotion, pajamas, deodorant, candy (that his children will most likely eat), and piece of jewelry that she may or may not wear.

One time, she reacted "I think I like it" to an outfit he picked out for her and it has been an ongoing joke. I help him pick out the stuff he buys for her now, thankfully.

Every day they work to be the best they can be for each other and our family. They can hardly stand to not be around each other (hence why they followed each other to college and hence why I asked if I should be disgusted). I am happy it worked out though because I was a pretty good product of their marriage if I do say so myself. They have gone through many hard circumstances such as deaths in our family, job changes, my sister being diagnosed with a rare disorder, sending one child (and hopefully another) to college, and so much more.

God has always been present in their relationship. Because true love comes from the Lord and because they have always had this steady foundation, their relationship has prospered. They have always been active in church and have served him individually and together. This inspires me to one day have a love that imitates theirs.

Even though my circumstances to finding true love seems much more difficult than it was for them, I know in my heart that because I have had such a good example to follow that it will happen for me. If not, maybe I can be a contestant on The Bachelorette.

All jokes aside, I do take a whole lot of pride in the healthy relationship that my parents have because I know many people cannot say the same. I never have to question the love that they have for God, for each other, and for me and my siblings.

I love you Momma and Dad- here's to twenty five years and many, many more.

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