6 Paranormal Romance Books To Devour In One Sitting
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6 Paranormal Romance Books To Devour In One Sitting

Books to curl up with over the weekend.

6 Paranormal Romance Books To Devour In One Sitting

Hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, and the world’s softest (oldest) blanket; these are a few of my favorite things. But the icing on the proverbial cake that’s missing...the book (and yes, this book merits the use of italics).

You know the book I’m talking about - the all-nighters, the just one more chapter and I’m going to sleep book. These are the books we remember, the books that cause us to daydream about the characters and wish we had a slice of their world. The characters stick with us and after we've read their rollercoaster adventures after we've cried with them and gotten heartbroken with them, we're all left with the same question: what do I read now?

Never fear, your trusty bookworm is here to guide you through a list of books that are guaranteed to keep you up all night!


*Some books contain enough steam to fog your glasses.

*These books should not be read during the work week (because you will be losing sleep).

*Each book is a part of a larger series, some books begin with a low simmer on the steam meter and then heat up in the next installments. If steam is your thing, hang on for the next books!

1. Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

Heather’s Summary:

In magic, apocalyptic Atlanta monsters prowl the streets. Technology works sporadically and when it’s down magic returns to the world. When magic kicks in electricity dies. Kate Daniels lives as a mercenary fixing magical mess while hiding in plain sight for those who might discover the power in her blood. When Kate’s guardian is murdered, she goes on a quest for answers and vengeance.

As Kate’s investigation gets deeper she learns her guardian’s death may be connected to a series of strange murders. The more she learns the more she lands herself on the radar of Atlanta’s two strongest leaders, The Masters of the dead (necromancers that control the people and vampires) and The Pack (a militant group of shapeshifters). Each leader pressuring her for answers and placing her deeper in their sights, a place she’s been avoiding since birth.

2. Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs by Molly Harper

Heather's summary:

Poor Jane Jameson, not only does she get fired but she also dies in the most embarrassingly of ways, all in one day! After a night of drinking cocktails with a mysterious handsome stranger, Jane is mistaken for a deer and gunned down by a drunken hunter. But don't fret, the mysterious stranger give her just want she needs-his blood. Hang on while the good girl, Jane Jameson learns to handle her new lot in life with her capricious sire. Did I mention Jane's also a suspect in murder?

Steam meter: sizzle

3. First Grave on the Right by Daryanda Jones

Heather's Summary

How well could you do your job if you had a life-long celestial stalker? Charley has a tough job as an investigator but her other job is the kicker. Full-time P.I and the part-time grim reaper is enough to ruffle anyone's feathers. Charley brings the good guys peace and throws the bad ones in the slammer with the help of her trusty friends and family. As Charley investigates her latest assignment, she also investigates her celestial stalker and finds out things might not be so astronomical as they seem.

Steam level: sizzle

4. Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

Heather's Summary

Following a single clue, Mac travels to Dublin to investigate her sister's murder. Searching for her sister's killer in the face of every person in Dublin, Mac is plunged head first into a world most people don't see. Mac uncovers the dangerous and seductive Fae. Now she faces uncovering her sister's killer and learning about this new dark world at the hands of a man she can't trust. Will Mac survive in this new world and uncover who killed her sister?

Steam meter: low simmer

5. Once Burned by Jeanine Frost

Heather's Summary:

Leila lived a life of solitude, cut off from her family and never letting anyone touch her. After a near-fatal accident, Lelia was left with a scarred body and dark powers. Lelia's ability to learn a person's darkest secrets with a touch and to channel electricity through her body has caused her to hide the mainstream world. While hiding Leila gets abducted where she is forced to use her powers against one of the deadliest vampires in the world: Vlad Tepesh. Leila and Vlad aligned against her abductors and when they meet their chemistry is off the charts. Can Leila trust Vlad or is Vlad using Leila as the kidnappers had? Will their undeniable chemistry cause these two to self-combust or will they align and defend Vlad's enemies?

Steam meter: Scorching!

6. A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet

Heather's Summary

Catalia "Cat" Fisa is the kingmaker, the hearer of truths, because of her kingdoms will rise or fall. Living as a disguised soothsayer in a roaming circus, Cat avoids danger and recognition at all costs. Until Griffin, beta and warlord from a land with little magic sees her and discovers what she is. Now abducted by Griffin and his Beta team, Cat learns Griffin wants to use her for her gifts and her magic. As Cat fights every step of the way, she learns more about Griffin and his team and as much as she loathes it sees there is much more to Griffin than a warlord. Perhaps she may even learn to...like him?

Steam meter: Scorching!

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