Paddles: A Greek Tradition

Paddles: A Greek Tradition


 Paddles are often associated with hazing. The thing is, paddles mean so much more than that. Paddles represent the brotherhood or sisterhood of that fraternity or sorority.Nothing is better than receiving your very first paddle, whether it's a "classy" traditional paddle or a paddle your big crafted for you upon initiation. 
As everyone in the Greek community knows, they are an important part of our Greek tradition and a fun gift to give and receive. So how did the paddle tradition begin? Who knows?
The first paddle to come into existence is shrouded in mystery. Paddles came about almost as early as when houses began and have been passed down ever since. Paddles have been a part of Greek life as long as anyone can remember. 
My mom has her paddles in our garage at home, but the paddles have definitely changed since my mom’s day. Over the years, girls have gotten more and more into decorating paddles. Sorority girls can spend an entire day crafting on the floor with a hot glue gun and a bag of rhinestones. Today’s paddles are fancier and more bedazzled than my mom’s Big could have ever imagined. Girls spend hours upon hours crafting the perfect masterpiece and take pride in seeing it displayed in their Little’s room on the wall.
Paddles are given and received in both fraternities and sororities. Often given at initiation, paddles are a great way to celebrate one’s joining of the organization. They symbolize lifelong membership and the relationships you have made thus far. Paddles are given at many special occasions, especially birthdays. 
To someone outside of the Greek community, the paddle could inspire some negative thoughts. They are looked down upon because of what is heard or seen in the media.  The thing is, paddles mean so much more to us. Paddles represent the brotherhood or sisterhood of that fraternity or sorority. The crest is proudly engraved with the letters and year to show that you are a member of that organization. There’s no better way to show that you are a member than participating in a tradition passed down by so many of your brothers or sisters. What would we do without paddles? What gifts would we give to our Bigs, our Littles, or our fellow 21-year-old friends? It’s too fun of a tradition to have fade! I think we can all agree that Greek paddles are a tradition that we hope will be passed on to all of our future legacies.

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Definitely "Work Work Work Work Work," but remember to have fun Too

There's only a few weeks of summer left for University of Cincinnati students. What are you going to do with them?


I am not sure about you, but to me, it is very hard to believe that in just nine weeks that all 44,783 of us, give or take a few, are going to be returning to the University of Cincinnati to continue our collegiate journey. I woke up this morning and laid in bed thinking for a few minutes about how this summer has flown by. Every year summer seems to pass faster and faster. Maybe it is just that we are getting older and every year the reality of entering the "real world" sets in just a little bit more. Or, maybe it is because we live in Ohio and we can experience all four seasons in one week and we get confused as to what season we are actually in, especially since this year we didn't really have a spring.

Regardless, while lying in bed, I thought about all the things I have done so far this summer. I have hung out with friends on several occasions, worked, went swimming, worked, took up yoga, worked, attended a few graduation parties, worked, kept up with my summer homework, worked, wrote weekly for the Odyssey, worked, and recently went to a concert very last-minute in Indianapolis with a very good friend only to get back at 3 a.m. to get up and go to work at 11 a.m.

After reflecting on the things I have done with my summer so far, I continued to think of the times that I was invited to hang out, go shopping, go on a road trip, etcetera but had to turn down because I was either, busy with school or working! I know most college students have a similar summer schedule, but while trying to process all of this I found myself thinking "you work so hard and you should be proud." But ultimately asking, "did you actually have fun?"

As college students, most of us are extremely poor and work all summer to pay for our tuition and to cover our loans. Some of us even work during the academic year to do the same exact thing. With the exception of those few college party animals - no judgment, but they do exist - there is no doubt that we definitely work hard. However, I think a lot of us forget to take time for ourselves everyone once in a while. I promise that it is okay to have fun. As crazy as it may sound, it is okay to use a little bit of that paycheck to go out, and it won't actually kill you.

There are only a few weeks of this summer left. Don't let it go to waste! Still work hard, but as a student to other students, don't work so hard that you regret it! I am not encouraging you to do anything illegal, but be a little reckless. Go to that party with your friends. Go to that club and dance, drink (if you are of legal age), and stay out really late. Go buy those concert tickets that you have been debating. Go and buy those shoes that you have been eyeing. Go on that road trip with your friends. Make memories that you will want to share with your kids, grandkids, parents, friends, whoever! As college students, we have not entered the "real world" yet. So now is the time to embrace your inner child, "stupid teenager", and reckless college student mentality. Not to be cliché, but it is true that you only live once.

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