5 Ways To Overcome Seasonal Depression
"Seasonal depression, which is often referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD), affects millions of Americans each year. The condition is triggered by the changing of the seasons – particularly the shift from summer and fall to winter" (Lockhart, "7 Bright Tips...") https://www.activebeat.com/your-health/women/7-bright-tips-for-treating-seasonal-depression/?utm_pagetype=long

. It is a real thing - here are 5 things to help overcome it.

1. Regular exercising


Although not everyone's favorite thing to do, building up energy will help you feel better. You don't need to be a gym rat, but even cleaning or taking walks through the park can help keep the energy levels help and help you feel less sad.

2. Make plans with friends


Constantly make sure you are not isolating yourself from loved ones, especially friends. Have baking nights or plan a night to go out with your friends. Even talk to them about how you are feeling so they can help.

3. Therapy


Therapy ain't a bad thing either. It is not silly to talk to your therapist about your emotions during seasonal depression and they will be able to give you tips on how to cope.

4. STAY BUSY with a schedule


Keep a schedule so your busy, even if some things seem silly to you. This could be reading a book, giving a friend a call, drawing a picture, doing a chore, etc. Make sure to squeeze in things you enjoy too!

5. Take a vacation


A Sunny vacation ain't always a bad thing either...Florida can help!

Hope these tips help you overcome seasonal depression.

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