How To Overcome Your Tired Shade
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How To Overcome Your Tired Shade

Need something to avoid screaming at someone? This list is for you.

How To Overcome Your Tired Shade
Know Your Meme

Have you ever been so tired that when something comes up unexpectedly that you release unnecessary anger to a stranger? Or shaded someone you just met in class? Or you want to flip every table but too scared to because you can't afford to replace them? No matter how many times you had the chance to say "No"? Well, I am here to do my best to help you prevent any conflict and still pass as a good person. Whether you want to judge that person who asked to work on a project the day before its due but didn't tell you about it. Or when you were about to leave your shift for a day but your boss asks you to do paperwork until midnight. There are ways you can do to decrease your tiredness and avoid getting called "moody." Here are 10 steps that you can follow.

1. Breathe in, and breathe out

2. Think of the possibilities of the situation

Maybe this person was in a hurry. Maybe everything was planned but one person forgot to make those posters. It could be possible that they were busy and forgot to reach out to you. Or you haven't slept for years. There must be some reason. And don't forget to ask if everything's okay with whomever you're working with or working on!

3. But if it turns out the person or whatever you're working on is full of crud,

picture yourself somewhere cozy and warm with your favorite friend (your cat) while reading a good book. Maybe you're a beach kind-of person! Drinking out of a coconut and relax under the sun. Or in your favorite place where no one will bother you: your bed. You can eat, watch Stranger Things on Netflix, and sleep whenever you want as long as you come home to it.

4. If that doesn't work, pull up YouTube

Then watch back-to-back videos of Markiplier screaming while playing Five Nights At Freddy's, replay Drake's iconic "Hotline Bling," or puppies.

But if that doesn't stop your blood boiling from stress and tiredness...

5. Grab a nice, comfortable pillow

6. Then bury your head in it and scream

7. Close your eyes for five seconds then cross your fingers hoping you'll sleep and feel energized after a 2 hour nap.

8. Talk to the person you're working with.

Even though you have moments where you imagine screaming at that person and giving them the piece of your mind, it is important to compromise with them and find a way to fit your schedule and time with theirs.

9. And also: Take a break

You and I both know that we all want to do a good job on projects or finding a plan where everyone agrees to. But you're still human. If there is a point where you're stressed and have headaches, you take a step back and rest for an hour or two. Then when you are ready to get back into work after hours of rest, you'll have a fresh eye and have better communications with your fellow co-workers. We all can't be super humans who can deal situations under stress and 5 minutes of sleep. It's about how you manage your time and taking care of yourself.


10. When all that fails, you can always scream internally


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