Why I Need This Election To Be Over Now

Why I Need This Election To Be Over Now

So over it.

I'm going to be honest with you, I've about had it with this election... and it's only June. Why? Because on an average Monday night at my house, I'm enjoying watching "Shark Tank" or some HGTV house flipping masterpiece of a show, only to be interrupted by yet another Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, etc. commercial in which he or she slanders the other candidates. My blood pressure begins to rise, my heart starts pumping and I'm decently sure real fumes start spewing from my ears as if I am in a cartoon. By the time the choice of which hardwood floors have been chosen, or which companies have been invested and by whom commences following the commercials, I'm already over my time of television for the night and head to bed.

Look, if I wanted to hear about people being untrustworthy, a racist, or having no experience for such an important position, I could watch one of my mom's soap operas, or flip on Scandal on Netflix.

I'm a politically educated individual who understands the stance of the current running candidates, and I have beliefs on both sides of political parties. That makes me fairly impartial, and the prime target for political candidates to campaign towards. However, the slanderous methods they use in said campaigns do everything but encourage me to vote. Currently, I have a very "Can we try again in four years?" attitude after all of the conflict in the news among parties.

Trump claims he can defeat ISIS in a matter of days, and Hillary claims she will completely get us out of financial debt. Both are not only extreme in their claims of capability, but in their methods of targeting the other as well.

Not that my beliefs need to align with yours, but I have a hard time choosing either one of these candidates. I don't fully trust Hillary, but I don't trust Trump either. I'm wary of the state of the country if either of them are elected, because I don't think either have the full capability to run the United States. But above all else, my patience is on its last leg.

We still have five months left before we cast our ballots, and you already can't watch more than an hour of television without hearing Trump or Clinton/Hillary less than six times (I counted while writing this article). I understand the American people need to be informed voters, but the time to vote is so far away, and the official candidates haven't even been announced yet!

As a registered voter in the United States, I should be allotted my own time and space away from the election when it is not even close to occurring. I go to work and people are consistently in a state of arguing, claiming that Trump is right, or Hillary is right. In reality, it's more so those who are arguing claiming they are right, not the candidates. But it still stems from the consistent commercials, slander, and news reports riddled by the candidates themselves.

Everyone is entitled to their vote and opinion, that's the beauty of being in a free country with an open voice and a democracy. But I'm at a point where I'm fed up and am just ready for the election to be over (sadly, no matter the outcome), so I can watch Shark Tank or HGTV in peace, can have more conversations than just those that question what my political stance is, and can finally have my sanity returned to my home address.

Wake me up when November ends.

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I Blame My Dad For My High Expectations

Dad, it's all your fault.

I always tell my dad that no matter who I date, he's always my number one guy. Sometimes I say it as more of a routine thing. However, the meaning behind it is all too real. For as long as I can remember my dad has been my one true love, and it's going to be hard to find someone who can top him.

My dad loves me when I am difficult. He knows how to keep the perfect distance on the days when I'm in a mood, how to hold me on the days that are tough, and how to stand by me on the days that are good.

He listens to me rant for hours over people, my days at school, or the episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' I watched that night and never once loses interest.

He picks on me about my hair, outfit, shoes, and everything else after spending hours to get ready only to end by telling me, “You look good." And I know he means it.

He holds the door for me, carries my bags for me, and always buys my food. He goes out of his way to make me smile when he sees that I'm upset. He calls me randomly during the day to see how I'm doing and how my day is going and drops everything to answer the phone when I call.

When it comes to other people, my dad has a heart of gold. He will do anything for anyone, even his worst enemy. He will smile at strangers and compliment people he barely knows. He will strike up a conversation with anyone, even if it means going way out of his way, and he will always put himself last.

My dad also knows when to give tough love. He knows how to make me respect him without having to ask for it or enforce it. He knows how to make me want to be a better person just to make him proud. He has molded me into who I am today without ever pushing me too hard. He knew the exact times I needed to be reminded who I was.

Dad, you have my respect, trust, but most of all my heart. You have impacted my life most of all, and for that, I can never repay you. Without you, I wouldn't know what I to look for when I finally begin to search for who I want to spend the rest of my life with, but it might take some time to find someone who measures up to you.

To my future husband, I'm sorry. You have some huge shoes to fill, and most of all, I hope you can cook.

Cover Image Credit: Logan Photography

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The 'Momo Challenge' Might Have Been Just The Viral Hoax That Parents Needed

The "Momo Challenge" — too far, or just far enough?


I'm sure it's not new to us. The significant amount of time that children are spending using the internet, and more specifically, the time that they're putting into YouTube. I'm also sure that we're all aware of the "Momo challenge" that has made an appearance across all social media platforms.

The story behind the challenge is that an image of "Momo" appears on your screen, then she will lure your child into acting on a series of challenges, and the final challenge tells them to commit suicide.

It sounds scary, right?

Well, recent evidence has come about to prove that this is just a viral hoax and it's only being fueled by the media and concerned parents. No child has been harmed, and this hoax has actually originated from a Reddit post.

I have heard many different stories and opinions surrounding the "Momo challenge," but this was brought to my attention. Sure, we are living in a technologically advanced world, but as a child, I didn't have much if any, access to the internet.

I played my Webkinz and minded my business, and quite frankly knew that I had no reason to be on YouTube. Children today have iPhone X's, and Snapchats, and Twitter, and all other kinds of gadgets and apps that (in my opinion) they really shouldn't have any access to.

It's sad, but the truth is that a lot of parents will give kids access to whatever just as long as it keeps them entertained while they go about their business.

So let's say that the "Momo challenge" was created to send a message to those parents who disregard the idea of monitoring their children. It was a warning to let them know that regardless of parental restrictions and locks that they put on things, there is still a way to get around it.

If that is true then what is your opinion on the "Momo challenge?" Has this gone too far, or just far enough?

Before answering keep in mind that no child has been harmed; parents have just been scared senseless.

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