5 Outfit Ideas For This Thanksgiving

5 Outfit Ideas For This Thanksgiving

These outfits are perfect for this holiday!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is filled with family, friends and of course good food. Whether you haven't seen your relatives in a while or see them every day, you want to look nice for the holiday and make a good impression. Here are some of my favorite outfits that are very stylish and comfortable and are perfect to wear this Thanksgiving!

1. Cozy Sweater and Leather Pants

This outfit is super cute and trendy for Thanksgiving. The pumpkin colored sweater brings a fall feel to your outfit. The sweater will keep you warm and the leather pants are very unique. Adding a scarf makes this outfit and pulls together the whole look. Add some suede booties and a cross body bag to finish off the outfit!

2. White Blouse, Jeans, Booties and Scarf

This outfit idea is another great option for Thanksgiving. The white blouse gives a very clean look and looks great with classic blue jeans. You can roll the jeans up to give more detail or leave them be. The outfit looks great with a pair of leather or suede booties which help to dress up the look a bit. Give some color and texture to the blouse by adding your favorite scarf. I prefer plaid scarves which have orange, browns and burgundy tones which give an autumn aesthetic. Add a bag, fun rings or even a pair of sunglasses to accessorize!

3. Sweater Dress, Floppy Hat and Thigh Highs

This is easily my favorite outfit to wear on Thanksgiving. It is such a simple outfit but is also very dressy at the same time. Thigh high boots are very in right now and go perfectly with a sweater dress. Add a big floppy hat and a leather tote to add something a little extra!

4. Suede Skirt and Cardigan

This outfit is another great option to wear on Thanksgiving. The suede skirt brings color to the rest of the outfit and is dressy but not over the top. Adding tights gives some detail and the cardigan will make you super comfortable and cozy. You can wear booties with this outfit or even swap them out for a pair of flats!

5. Oversized Sweater, Leggings and Leather Boots

This outfit is also a very good option to wear for Thanksgiving. You cannot go wrong with an oversized sweater, leggings and a pair of leather boots. Add a long sleeved shirt underneath the sweater to give some layer and to add extra warmth. To accessorize this look wear some nice bracelets and add a watch!

Cover Image Credit: Lily Like

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5 Inexpensive Websites For Summer Clothes

If you are looking to online shop for your summer closet, check out these stores.


Summer is here and so is a whole new category of fashion; high waisted swimsuits, mom jeans, graphic tees, chunky sneakers, and many more styles that have become popularized in 2019. If you are trying to save some money while keeping up with the latest fashion trends, online shopping on the right platforms is a great way to get the most bang for your buck!

Listed are the five most cost-effective online stores that each have their advantages and disadvantages so you can spruce up your summer lookbook. The best way to get the most clothing items on these online stores for the cheapest is to search for promotion codes online and take advantage of any email sign up deals, student discounts, and general sales they are currently promoting.

1. Zaful

If you are looking for a very cheap option so you can put the most in your cart, Zaful is your best bet. This store is stocked with everything under the sun including swimsuits, tops, bottoms, jewelry, shoes, hats, and more starting at 4.99. Zaful offers 15% off of your first order as well as free shipping for orders over $49, so you can fill your cart with more items than you think you are paying for.

2. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is a great store for quality items that will live a very long life in your closet. Although the prices seem high at first glance, the online platform has constant deals occurring such as their current 50% off everything sale as well as their 60% off everything for students sale. Nasty Gal is a great brand to build your closet essentials due to the great condition and material of their clothing items.

3. Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing is a great online store to shop for summer events because of their beautiful dresses and tops. I recommend purchasing occasion wear from this brand because a lot of their loungewear and regular items are overpriced for what they are worth. In the sale section of Pretty Little Thing, you can find many dresses and dress pants for over 55% off. If you are looking for a few fancier outfits for summer occasions, check out the sale section of Pretty Little Thing to get some nice looks for cheap.

4. Misguided

Misguided is an online store that has a unique vibe in the clothing they sell that is worth a browse because of their eccentric and fun styles. The platform has recurring sales that range from 25 to 50 percent off, which allows you to get twice the amount that you pay for. If your style includes graphic t-shirts, oversized t-shirt dresses, and good quality loungewear, Misguided offers great quality items with low prices to spruce up your summer outfit aesthetic.

5. Boohoo

If you love rocking matching sets and co-ords, look no further that Boohoo for the best patterns, styles, and prices. Boohoo usually has a 50% off sale going on, which goes a long way when you can purchase a matching two-piece set for as low as $20. Although Boohoo sells beauty products and accessories, their sets and outfits are the best items to get your money's worth in quality and quantity.

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