When I chose what college to go to, I was unprepared and scared. Like most young adults, I was confused about what I wanted to do with my life.

I chose a school not too far from home, and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. When I figured it out, I realized I probably wasn't in the right spot, but going somewhere else was near impossible when you don't have access to all the money in the world. Stressing myself out completely all the time wasn't good for my mental or physical health, so I knew I needed to look at things from a different perspective.

Living alone my first year of college was a loneliness I didn't know was possible to feel. Constant loneliness is like a pain that makes your entire body ache. I made friends with people randomly one night that changed that entire first year. I was no longer lonely, and when I was, they were there. I pretty much lived with them. When my second year rolled around, not only did I still have them, but I had new roommates that are now my best friends. We look forward to living together again next year, and we spend our nights with homework, studying, face masks, musicals, and wine. My roommates make my home away from home a home I miss when I'm away and appreciate when I'm with them.

If I hadn't gone to the college I chose, I might've taken longer to figure out what I really wanted out of life. Joining the program I chose helped change the course of my life, and I hadn't even realized it. By joining this program, I made connections and friendships with people that I'll always be grateful for. I met my best friends here, and if I had given up and gone somewhere else, I never would've met them. The friendships I made along the way of an unsure path are friendships I'll have and cherish forever. Looking forward to the future with the people I have beside me now is a future I'm constantly excited for.

My creative writing friends make me laugh and think in ways I never had before. It's so amazing to share a passion with people that were once recently strangers and constantly being there, inspiring each other to grow. Going to readings and art galleries and other events, we spend our time reflecting, writing, laughing, sharing, and inspiring.

When I look back on my days in college, these are the times I will remember. I don't think I will remember the times I stressed myself out because I wanted to leave. I'll think about pure stories in art galleries, meeting my best friends, face masks and birthdays, Halloween and tailgates, yoga, living with three guys for a year, poetry that made me cry and inspired me. I'll remember movie nights at the Student Center in pajamas, coffee nights, studying at the library, and walks around campus in the middle of the night. I'll remember all the times I fell in love with my life again, and I'll be forever grateful for the people that made it possible.