When I decided to attend the University of Rhode Island, I got a few sideways glances because it was 14 hours away from my home. I lived in Charleston, SC for most of my childhood, but grew up all over the place. I come from a military family, so I guess my desire to change things up wasn't a huge shock to my parents. Relatives, friends, and anybody who asks, "What are your plans for college?" however, have plenty of questions to ask about your decision. Here are just a few that you will have to answer if you plan to go anywhere out of state.

1. "Why (Insert School's Name)?"

"Why" is probably the most frequently asked questions I've gotten. Whether you picked based off of a major, a sports team, scholarships, or just wanted to a change in scenery, be prepared to have that answer down to a science.

2. "How far away is that?"

All of your friends will ask this question when you finally tell them where you've decided to go. Plan to Google Maps how many hours it takes to get from all of their colleges to yours. Facetime is your friend.

3. "Won't you miss your family?"

Uhhh... YES. This is a question I've gotten from a few people where I just have to laugh. I most definitely will miss them, but I also am ready to go out and start my life. My parents and my brother have prepared me to go out into the world. It's nice to know that all of them are only a phone call away.

4. "Do you know anybody else that's going?"

People who ask this question are asking out of love. They want to make sure that you have one or two people you can rely on for things your freshman year. If the answer is yes, great. If not, STILL great. Sometimes not knowing anybody is part of the attraction to the school and the excitement leading up to your first day.

5. "Are you nervous?"

Going to a school out of state can be intimidating. Hundreds of miles between you and your closest friend, your family across the country, your dogs not sleeping in your bed. It's nerve-wracking. Answer honestly, but don't forget why you wanted to go there. Be excited and nervous. This is your time.

6. "Do you know your roommate(s)?"

Choosing a roommate for my freshman year at school was one of the most fun parts of the whole process. I found mine via Facebook, but if you go the random route, own it. It's cool to see who you'll end up with. You can always connect with them after you find out who they'll be.

7. "What are you going to be involved in?"

A lot of time, you get this question if you're not going for sports or for something super specific. People you know, especially family, want to know what you're going to be doing to get plugged in and to put yourself out there.

8. "What's your major?"

This isn't a state-specific question, but it's a question you'll get if you are choosing based on that. If you're going to an out of state school undecided, again be ready to answer the "why" question.

9. "What do your friends/family think about it?"

One of the most difficult things about leaving for school is saying goodbye. It's hard and it sucks for both your parents and friends just like it is for you. At the end of the day, though, they want what's best for you and are looking forward to see what you do. Keep that in mind.

10. "When do you leave?"

AKA how much longer are you here so they can spend time with you. Make time for people who love you, be there for them, and always remind them they'll see you sooner than they know it.