August 17, 2019, I became a fiancé & got the flu at the same time. Most people dream of the day you get proposed to and imagine what you would say or how you would feel. You don't imagine getting sick that same day and being absent from work because your fiancée gave you the flu.

My immune system is known for being poor and at most times none existent at all. He had a cold while I got the severe flu with fevers, stomach aches and headaches following me. This week wasn't intended to be the happiest and still is despite the fact that I am stuffy.

Now it's time to get to the cute details of how the proposal was being played. He took me to the beach telling me he had a surprise date for us. When we arrived he walked me down the steps to where a blanket and champagne and rose petals were set up waiting for us. We sat down he told me how much he loved me and that he chose foods that wouldn't hurt my stomach for my intolerant issues.

Around the decorated picnic there was this time clock that had the date set for the future for something important. At that point, I knew that he would propose or at least hope. He led the way as he asked me to stand on this cliff out in the center staring into the ocean. Ask he helped me climb the rock he held me close and ever so gently.

“From the day I met you I knew you were the one, Daniella, will you marry me?"

And I'm just a couple of seconds I went from girlfriend to fiancé. It was possible the best moment I could have experienced. It was beautiful and everything that I ever wanted, little did I know my fiancé gave me the flu in that instance.

Now my fiancé and I are stuffy nosed, with fevers, and not being able to work due to being ill. I guess they were right when you said, “in sickness and im health", it seems kinda amusing and ironic. People may imagine to be soaring after you become engaged and just because I came down with a flu means no otherwise, in fact, it seems as though it foreshadows our future and through our greatest moments we get ill or fall down but together.

August 17, 2019: where the yes became official.