Our People Make IT Possible
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Our People Make IT Possible


Our People Make IT Possible
Sariya Jasmene

I have been living in North Carolina for the past year now and I have been away from my family. My family relocated to Maryland and I decided to stay here. My mother works for a company called The Allegis group where she sits as their Chief Data officer in Baltimore Maryland. She ended up contacting a woman in the NC TEKsystems office who was originally her recruiter, and she helped put me into an interview process to be the admin for the TEKsystems office. Today I am here to tell you all how working at TEKsystems has changed my life. Living on my own in NC at such a young age has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but with the support of my TEKsystems family, they made IT possible.

When I first started at TEK, I was super nervous. I came from a job where I worked two to ten p.m. at a photography studio. The professional atmosphere, the competitive vibes, the friendly people, all of it was a completely different environment for me to get used to. When I started on my first day I was scheduled already to go to lunches with people all throughout the week. My manager had all the people on my team take me out to lunch and get to know me. I have never been with a company that has been so welcoming before. The same week I started I went out to lunch with my Director of Business Operations. At this lunch I got some insight on what this company has to offer for me and he provided me with his personal testimony. He explained how he succeeded, how he is still growing, and how I can grow within the company. My DBO truly made me feel welcomed and inspired to grow within TEKsystems just like he did. Being an admin seemed like such a small role, but as I gradually got into my role I realized it was so much more. I was the face of the office. When people came in my personality and my attitude was a reflection of the company. Accommodating to these people’s needs on a daily basis felt like nothing because I care about these people so much, and I want them to succeed. I was willing to lend a hand in any way shape or form whether it was ordering coffee, providing supplies, and even being there just to listen. I gained the credibility of my peers within two weeks of being here.

The one thing I absolutely love about this company is the incredible diversity within the company and how welcoming everyone was. We have various different groups that meet. We have a women’s ERG group led by a beautiful inspiring account manager, and we even have a multi-cultural group as well led by a women who has truly been an inspiration in my life and has provided me with her personal testimony that bettered her life. If it weren’t for her words of wisdom I wouldn’t be where I am today making the decision to move on from TEksystems and pursue my dreams. She has led a multi culture group that meets to talk about the diversity within TEKsystems and ways to express the diverse cultures. One thing TEKsystems provides is an incredible family atmosphere. As soon as you walk in the door regardless of whether you are a consultant, internal worker, or a visitor, the people greet you with smiles on their faces. This companies main focus is to make sure you feel welcomed and a part of the family. When I first started here I would see the individual teams in the office going to outings to bond. They went to sky high, they rented a boat on the lake, and they do everything in their power to strengthen the companies’ team work. My individual team has gone to get our nails done together, went to the baseball game and even went swimming for our outings. These girls on my team have been a blessing in my life. I may not have a family in Charlotte, but I could always count on their smiling faces and silly jokes to keep me going.

Even though I sat at the front desk I felt as though I was so involved and incorporated into everything that occurred. When a recruiter is promoted to an account manager, they have a costume that they go down stairs on the street to celebrate and dance in, when a recruiter gets their first start they do a dance in the pit, and they even have a shout out bucket with positive things they share on a daily basis about other employees. When Orlando was struck by tragedy TEKsystems supported the cause by taking a group photo holding up Orlando strong. There are just so many amazing things about this company I could go on for days. I did not take this job because of the pay; I took it because of the people. I am sad to say I will be leaving TEKsystems and moving on to their corporate headquarters or possibly furthering my studies at a college. But I would recommend this job to anyone and everyone! These people have made such an impact in my life and it has been very hard to say goodbye. I would like to personally thank my manager Ashley, for her patience and her willingness to accommodate my needs. She came into this company a few months after I did, and I have learned so much from her. She has taken on so much responsibility just in the few months she has been here.I would also like to thank everyone in general at TEKsystems. If you are ever interested in learning more about what TEKsystems has to offer please feel free to reach out to Rachel Brookes, our internal recruiter, or call the TEKsystems office to speak with an IT recruiter. You will not regret making that phone call, I guarantee it.Now I know the saying is true, Our people definitely make IT possible.

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