Our Last Break Up

A letter to the boy I thought I would end up with:

This is the letter for our final break up. This is where it ended. Though we broke up a few months ago, I am just now writing this because I wanted to be sure that it was real, and I wasn't really sure what to say.

We had it good

Some of my best high school memories were spent with you. You truly knew how to make me happy. I know what it feels like to love watching someone laugh, and what it feels to be overwhelmed with joy - all because of one person. I would watch you sing from the passenger seat, while holding your hand, and be on top of the world. Happiness with you was even as simple as laying in your bed, watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas, just because it was my favorite movie. I will never deny the fact that I was happy with you.

We had the not-so-good

This is where we were troubled. I never knew what day would be good, or bad. I had to walk on eggshells around you, just to avoid arguments. Even then, I still found us in a constant, bickering state. We were too young, to be fighting so much. Some of my worst nights, were spent crying over you. So many things were said, and so many things were taken back. Promises made, and promises broken.

Thank you.

Thank you for everything. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, the good times, and the bad. You were my high school love, and I love you for that. There are so many memories that I would not trade for the world. Thank you for showing me what happiness does feel like. Thank you for showing me that I deserve better.

I wish you the best

I hope you are truly happy. I hope you graduate, and life becomes what you have always wanted. I hope you find a girl that brings out the best in you, and that she holds on to you.

Our last break up was the hardest, and I am still not over it. I will always care about you, no matter how bad things ended between us. You taught me so much. I will always remember you as my high school romance, but unfortunately, that is all you will ever be.


The girl you spent three years of your life with

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