Musician Max Concert At OU

OU Welcomes Musician MAX For Spring Concert

Exciting night for music lovers of the University of Oklahoma

This past Tuesday night, the University of Oklahoma's Campus Activities Council hosted a concert with American singer, songwriter MAX, in order to bring together students of the university for a night of singing, dancing, and to let out the stresses of students as finals week looms.

As a lover of pop music, I decided to attend the concert with my sister who I had not visited within what seemed like forever. We traveled over to the Cross courtyard where Cross Neighborhood restaurants were serving food specials and giving away lots of fun goodies for the upcoming concert.

As we situated in a spot near the stage, Tulsa-raised musician Josh Sallee made it to the stage to open up the concert. Although my sister and I had never been introduced to this rapper and his astonishing talent, we were blown away by his on-stage performance and vulnerability to the crowd. Sallee shared some background on his personal life and career, such as him earning his college degree at the University of Central Oklahoma and sharing with his mom that he wanted to be a rapper. I'd say he's doing exceptionally well, and I strongly feel that his talents are going to take him in so many exhilarating directions. Listen and get jamming to his thought-provoking, authentic raps here.

Following a short intersession, as students of the OU community grew closer with relaxing conversation, MAX made his way to the stage with drummer Dan Zolot and guitarist and keyboarder Ryan Siegel. MAX, dressed in an abundance of yellow, immediately obtained a hand-waving, feet-off-the-ground crowd as he opened the show with his hit "Savage" and continued to keep momentum and excitement through his most sensational hits, such as "Lights Down Low," "Basement Party," and his newest single "Love Me Less."

MAX's performance generated such a positive, entertaining atmosphere, and one thing that stuck out to me from his performance is the way he kept stressing the importance of being yourself and being happy to be alive. In addition, he genuinely connected with the crowd, even though same had probably never heard his music before the concert, and I became inspired by his ability to so easily connect with the young, uniquely-driven students of the University of Oklahoma.

After surreally impressing the crowd with his on-stage singing and dancing, MAX concluded his concert, thanking the crowd that came out to his first official concert in the Oklahoma area. Later on that evening, MAX sent out a tweet, expressing his excitement for the upcoming year:

Listen to MAX on Spotify here!

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