Homecoming weekend at Ohio University, otherwise known as Kegs and Eggs, is a staple of OU. Day drinking (rather, morning drinking), football, and alumni coming hOUme, there isn't a better combination. Homecoming Weekend 2019 is a little different than many in the past though, due to the frats being suspended, sororities receiving letters of cease and desist, and even the Marching 110 being under investigation, this weekend was one for the books.

1. By Monday morning alcohol is the last thing on your mind


At any college, the thought of "I'm never drinking again" is a typical thought to have come Monday morning. At Ohio University during Homecoming Weekend, this thought on Monday will for sure be a tell-tale sign that you threw some (or a lot) back this weekend, and hopefully had a good time.

2. Sunday night you felt more sleep deprived than normal


Waking up early, especially on the weekends, is hard in general. Adding a day long of drinking, going out, watching the football game, and hanging out with friends just adds to the fun while also adding to the expense of being exhausted.

3. Heard the phrase "One bad seed doesn't ruin the entire pumpkin patch" at least once


Whether you're an alumni or current student, if you heard this sign, it most definitely shows you're up to date with the OU drama.

4. Visited Pumpkin The Cat IRL


Homecoming weekend should be about enjoying everything there is OU has to offer as of 2019, and Pumpkin The Cat who lives at the Board of Elections is definitely someone who needs to be visited.

5. Ate some eggs (or some other type of good food)


Although Homecoming Weekend tends to focus on the "kegs" part of Kegs and Eggs, you'll need to stomach something to be able to survive a weekend filled of activities. Whether it was eggs, Casa Nueva, Bagel Street Deli, or some other restaurant uptown, OU has some good food to offer.

6. You watched the game


The Saturday afternoon football game is the basis for Homecoming Weekend. If you paid a visit to Peden Stadium (whether it was to watch the entire game, or leave after the Marching 110 played at halftime) you accomplished one of the most predominant aspects of the weekend.

7. Appreciated the scenery


Ohio University (Athens' campus) is one of the arguably most beautiful places in the United States. Despite Ohio getting shit on often for numerous things, it did one thing right: had a beautiful southeastern university.

8. Walked up Jeff Hill/Morton Hill/Bryan Stairs and didn't die

Kaylee Smith

For current students and alumni alike, these three inclines are NOT enjoyable. If you were able to get up them without being completely out of breath, you should feel accomplished.

9. Caught up with friends


Whether it be at a bar uptown, College Green, or at a coffee shop, hanging out with friends during Homecoming Weekend is a must.

10. Appreciated the fact that it you don't/didn't attend Miami University


Need I say more?

Kegs and Eggs weekend 2019 was one for the books. Although things are continually changing around Ohio University, such as dorms being torn down and new additions being added to uptown, OU students and alumni are able to appreciate the present while remembering the past.