The feelings of my first college orientation came with an amalgamation of anxiety, excitement, uncertainty and joy. All sorts of questions flew past my head before the week of the actual orientation: Would I have friends to talk to? Would my roommate be nice? Would people like me? Would I have enough food to eat? Most importantly, would I be able to fit in?

The first day when I moved into my supposedly ninety-years-old all-female residential hall, heaving all my boxes up to the fourth floor using an antique, gatsby-like elevator, I first experienced the feeling of utter loneliness. Not having friends to talk to face-to-face, not having a family to lean for support, not knowing where to ask for help just made me realize how I took all those things for granted throughout my eighteen years of life. The sudden responsibility and independence that were thrown at me were quite unbearable for a person who has never been away from home.

However, I started to enjoy the independence and responsibility that was given to me when the orientation officially began. I mean, yes, I am still struggling to figure out how much detergent I need in my laundry, but I now have the opportunity to venture off to the dining hall and talk with new, friendly faces that have all sorts of interesting backgrounds, stroll around the beautiful campus and Collegetown with my friends to see what the Cornell community has to offer, and hear helpful advice from Cornellians with experience. Orientation really opened my eyes up to a world that I have never been exposed to before, and to people whom I would never have the chance to meet if it wasn't for this community that brought people from all around the world together.

I know college experience won't be all sunshine and rainbows. However, I hope both the positive and negative experiences I gain from my four years in college help me thrive into a person with academic depth through learning, a person who has cherishable friendships and a person who is willing to make the most out of the plethora of opportunities offered. I am half-excited, a little scared, and kind of nervous, but I just can't wait to start these next four years at a place that I can proudly call home.