'Orange is The New Black': College Edition
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Politics and Activism

'Orange is The New Black': College Edition

Because not everyone has a chance to go to college

'Orange is The New Black': College Edition
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In honor of the new season coming out soon, what better way to celebrate than figure out what the inmates would be involved in if they were in college!

Alex: International Business Major

With her previous history of commerce (i.e. drug smuggling) she is a very well-equipped individual in foreign affairs.

Piper Chapman: Going for MRS Degree

Piper isn't really quite sure what she's doing with her life ever since she got put in the Litchfield Penenitary. We aren't quite sure if she's going to marry Larry or Alex. Clearly, she's willing to swing either way.

Pennsatucky: Religious Studies

Pennsatucky is a very well known Pro-life supporter. She also is believed to be gifted from God with healing powers.

Daya Diaz: Illustration

Throughout all of Daya's struggles in the prison (secretly being in love with a guard and getting knocked up by him), she becomes the illustrator for the prison's newspaper. The inmates found a lot of liking to her illlustrations because they seemed to have resembled the employees of the prison.

Nicky: Women's Studies

As many of you may know, Nicky is very very familar with women. So why not study them? But let's be honest, she studies women a lot and is very in depth with her studies.

Brooke Soso: Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

Soso got put into the prison for attaching herself to a tree so that it could not be cut down. In Litchfield, she is bullied for talking too much. She just wants to be friends with everyone.

Red: Culinary Arts

Red is at first the known cook until she gets kicked out of the kitchen. When she is kicked out she isn't really sure what to do with herself

Crazy Eyes: Creative Writing

Crazy eyes isn't exactly the best at expressing her emotions towards the other inmates. However, she finds peace through her very descriptive novels and poetry. The other inmates seem to like her novels very likable as well.

Morello: Commercial Vehicle Operation

Morello is the van driver for Litchfield. She always talks about her "finance" Christopher and talks about how much they are in love, even though he never comes to visit. She is revoked her position as van driver, not when she escapes and breaks into Christopher's house, but after she leaves the keys in the ignition and allows another inmate to escape.

Poussey Washington: Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling

She is very good at her personal alcohol brew called Toliet Hooch. She then becomes very addicted to it. She found herself in Litchfield for dealing marijuana.

Sophia Burset: Hair Styling and Design

Sophia loves doing hair and makeup while making the inmates feel pretty.

Gloria : Aromatherapy and Herbalism

She is very good giving advice and using her "spells" with Norma. She convinces a lot of the inmates of her healing powers.

Yoga Jones: Yoga and Movement Therapy

Yoga is always seen leading Yoga classes for the inmates. She is always doing yoga.

So stay tuned to Netflix when Season 4 comes out on June 17!

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