5 Different Oppressions We Face In Today's Society

5 Different Oppressions We Face In Today's Society

Think twice before you pass judgment.



prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control.

At some point in our lives, we’ve all suffered from oppression. And before you say that this couldn’t possibly be true, let me give a few examples of different types of oppression.

1. Race

The most common oppression we see today is race. It started with our ancestors and has unfortunately continued on into today’s society. We tend to group all people in the same race in the same social category. Suddenly, all African Americans are thieves, and all Caucasians are entitled pompous asses. It’s wrong for us to do this, but happens nonetheless. We even make up our own races. Muslims? They are not a race, yet that is what most of us believe.

When are we going to learn that the color of our skin does not make one or the other better? Oppressing races is achieving nothing besides creating a hatred. We were all created equal, so when will we learn?

2. Religion

Religion is another form of oppression. Surprising, yes? It shouldn’t be. Today’s society has made it clear that if you aren’t a Christian, your religion is lesser. Why is this? Why do we all have to believe in the same God? Why do we have to believe at all? Once again, we’re achieving nothing by oppressing different religions.

3. Sex

A hugely debated oppression topic is sex. Males are seen as better than females because they are “strong”. We deem it wrong to be “girly”, but why are we doing this? At a young age, we start oppressing girls. We even oppress boys who like to show their emotions because it is deemed “feminine-like.” WHY does this matter? In fact, this isn’t even sex oppression, but rather gender oppression; most people confuse the two.

4. Political Party

While society doesn't have one political party higher than the other (at least the main two there are), people with those political parties seem to think themselves better than people in the other party. There's hatred where there shouldn't be. It's sort of like religion. We oppress people based on their beliefs, but who are we to judge what is better?

5. Mental State

We like to pass judgment on things we don’t even understand. People with mental disabilities, we quickly claim that they’re psychotics and need to be institutionalized. Some may need to be, but not all people with mental illnesses are the same. We make snide comments about people with depression, but don’t understand what they’re going through. It needs to stop.

We criticize people for things they can’t control. We give special treatment to people for things they can’t control. We hate on people for what they believe in. We cannot keep going on like this.

When we’re oppressing others, all we’re doing is forcing our opinion on them. But WHY? We’re all our own person, so why do we have to deal with what society condones as “top dog”?

We've all experienced oppression in one way or another, so why do we oppress other people when we know what it feels like to be oppressed? DO NOT FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE.

We were not born to pass judgment on other people, nor were we born to consider ourselves better. We’re all equal, and the moment that society starts to show this, we’ll move forward in ways that can only better all of us.

So next time you make a hateful comment, think twice about what you’re doing.

Cover Image Credit: Stony Brook University

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I Am A College Student, And I Think Free Tuition Is Unfair To Everyone Who's Already Paid For It

Stop expecting others to pay for you.


I attend Fordham University, a private university in the Bronx.

I commute to school because I can't afford to take out more loans than I already do.

Granted, I've received scholarships because of my grades, but they don't cover my whole tuition. I am nineteen years old and I have already amassed the debt of a 40-year-old. I work part-time and the money I make covers the bills I have to pay. I come from a middle-class family, but my dad can't afford to pay off my college loans.

I'm not complaining because I want my dad to pay my loans off for me; rather I am complaining because while my dad can't pay my loans off (which, believe me, he wants too), he's about to start paying off someone else's.

During the election, Bernie frequently advocated for free college.

Now, if he knew enough about economics he would know it simply isn't feasible. Luckily for him, he is seeing his plan enacted by Cuomo in NY. Cuomo has just announced that in NY, state public college will be free.

Before we go any further, it's important to understand what 'free' means.

Nothing is free; every single government program is paid for by the taxpayers. If you don't make enough to have to pay taxes, then something like this doesn't bother you. If you live off welfare and don't pay taxes, then something like this doesn't bother you. When someone offers someone something free, it's easy to take it, like it, and advocate for it, simply because you are not the one paying for it.

Cuomo's free college plan will cost $163,000,000 in the first year (Did that take your breath away too?). Now, in order to pay for this, NY state will increase their spending on higher education to cover these costs. Putting two and two together, if the state decides to raise their budget, they need money. If they need money they look to the taxpayers. The taxpayers are now forced to foot the bill for this program.

I think education is extremely important and useful.

However, my feelings on the importance of education does not mean that I think it should be free. Is college expensive? Yes -- but more so for private universities. Public universities like SUNY Cortland cost around $6,470 per year for in-state residents. That is still significantly less than one of my loans for one semester.

I've been told that maybe I shouldn't have picked a private university, but like I said, I believe education is important. I want to take advantage of the education this country offers, and so I am going to choose the best university I could, which is how I ended up at Fordham. I am not knocking public universities, they are fine institutions, they are just not for me.

My problems with this new legislation lie in the following: Nowhere are there any provisions that force the student receiving aid to have a part-time job.

I work part-time, my sister works part-time, and plenty of my friends work part-time. Working and going to school is stressful, but I do it because I need money. I need money to pay my loans off and buy my textbooks, among other things. The reason I need money is because my parents can't afford to pay off my loans and textbooks as well as both of my sisters'. There is absolutely no reason why every student who will be receiving aid is not forced to have a part-time job, whether it be working in the school library or waitressing.

We are setting up these young adults up for failure, allowing them to think someone else will always be there to foot their bills. It's ridiculous. What bothers me the most, though, is that my dad has to pay for this. Not only my dad, but plenty of senior citizens who don't even have kids, among everyone else.

The cost of living is only going up, yet paychecks rarely do the same. Further taxation is not a solution. The point of free college is to help young adults join the workforce and better our economy; however, people my parents' age are also needed to help better our economy. How are they supposed to do so when they can't spend their money because they are too busy paying taxes?

Free college is not free, the same way free healthcare isn't free.

There is only so much more the taxpayers can take. So to all the students about to get free college: get a part-time job, take personal responsibility, and take out a loan — just like the rest of us do. The world isn't going to coddle you much longer, so start acting like an adult.

Cover Image Credit: https://timedotcom.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/free-college-new-york-state.jpg?quality=85

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It's 2019, And I Can Confirm One Size Does Not Fit All, At All

I'll take feeling good over meeting your standards. Thank you.


We live in a society where being yourself and expressing who you truly are is something that is becoming more and more accepted and is actually trendy. Left and right, people are coming forward and declaring who they are and want to be in life and there is a crowd of people there to cheer them on.

There is also always that small percent sitting in the corner, ready to throw derogatory comments and taint the self-love, respect, and acceptance that's flowing.

Every single time this happens, the internet breaks and feuds form in the comment sections. How many times does this fight have to be had before people just mind their own business? How someone looks is frankly none of your concern. Whether you think the person is too fat, too skinny, too girly, too rough, too whatever, it's none of your business.

I'm a firm believer that one should focus on their own life instead of living to tear others down. You should be more concerned with feeling good in your own body than wasting your energy trying to make people ashamed of theirs. It's not your place to comment on someone's appearance.

We should work on building up confidence and feeling good in our skin. Exercising, working on your mental health, and surrounding yourself with good energy will improve your life exponentially. DO NOT do this to achieve an aesthetic or try to look like an Instagram model. Only do it to feel good about yourself internally. What you look like on the outside should only matter to you.

I would be lying if I said I didn't fall victim to countless beautiful women who post their swimsuit photos looking like they stepped out of Vogue magazine. I would be lying if I said I didn't struggle with my own body image and have to remind myself daily that it's okay to not fit their mold. I won't lie to you. We live in a world that feels the need to comment on every inch of our skin rather than focus on more important issues. Shut off the noise and ignore the words that are given in hate. You have better things to do than focus on their negativity.

Make your own mold.

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