It was the twitter notification that shook the entire MCRmy. All the emos were sitting there, minding our business, trying to donate our old skinny jeans and selling our old band shirts calling them "vintage" because that's how it felt like; emo felt vintage.

I remember doing homework and looking over at my phone that brightly said, "My Chemical Romance tweeted after a while." My thoughts were they were probably promoting a solo album or one of Frank's shows but oh was I wrong.

It was a simple picture, that had the word "RETURN" and a date. You bet, I was shaking. I texted all my emo friends and told them. It was the reunion show we are all waiting for. The tickets for the show were $149 and it was in LA, however, if they come to Arizona, I will be spending that much and I will be okay with it.

This brings me to my opinion, I don't think that the argument "emo is a phase" can no longer be a valid argument because we all got excited when we saw this tweet.

Yeah maybe wearing black and being all dark wherever we go might be a phase, but emo music itself lives on in those who find an appreciation for it.

To say the least, I've listened to my emo playlist at least four times since the MCR announcement and I am surprisingly okay with it. I remember I would joke with my friends how I no longer care about emo music and that I am a changed person but honestly, I don't know why I was so ashamed of it. MCR has some amazing music and they are a very hardworking band.

In my opinion, I think the phrase "being emo" should not be placed with someone who just listens to the music. Even if you are reading this and you are hardcore Taylor Swift fan, I can guarantee that in your lifetime you've listened to at least one My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy song. It's not a phase *holds for laughter* it's just enjoying a different type of music from time to time.

I stopped listening to MCR around junior year but there would be times that the only band I felt like matched my mood was MCR. Emo music is not all sad, there is fun in it as well. My personal favorite MCR song is "Bulletproof Heart" do me a favor and open a new tab and listen to it (or if you are on your phone plug-in those headphones and pull up Spotify or whatever else music streaming thing you got). It's a fun song! It makes me want to sing and dance and there is no drop of sadness in there. Honestly, there's a great message in there if you dig deep enough.

So if you are a shy emo who is scared to face the world and be okay with it, or if you are an in denial emo like I am, let's face it. MCR is back together and they sold out within the first hour of ticket sales. Clearly they are a loved band, it's just this whole stigma around "being emo" that won't let us bring ourselves to enjoy their music.