An Open Letter To My Younger Self
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An Open Letter To My Younger Self

You always see so much more clearly in retrospect.

An Open Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Younger Me,

I know everything going on in this very moment seems important. It's probably not. You focus on some of the silliest things. That boy won't be around by the time you're ready for college, and you won't have the scholarships you need to have if you don't stop putting so much time and effort into him. Heartbreak is inevitable at this age, and I know you see so much in everyone who you surround yourself with, but some people simply don't have the good in them that you think they do. Focus on yourself. Push your boundaries. Find out who you really are without someone by your side. You don't need to be in a relationship to be happy.

Do your best, even if it seems hopeless. You give up when things don't go perfectly, and if you keep doing that, you're going to learn the hard way that it takes struggle before you can truly succeed. Don't expect for everything to go perfectly in everything that you do. There will be obstacles to overcome, especially once you hit adulthood, and if you don't hurdle over them like your life depends on it, they will break you. Stop expecting perfection. It is impossible to achieve. All you can do is put your heart and soul into what you do, and that should be more than enough.

When they say that you won't see hardly anyone from high school once you graduate. they're not lying. You will be shocked at who you end up seeing from high school and who you never see again. Enjoy the friends you have now, but don't expect to stay in touch with them once you graduate. If they stop talking to you once real life hits, don't be upset because it'll hit you too, and then you'll understand. You'll make new friends, and you'll keep in touch with maybe a couple people and end up being close with a couple at best.

Don't hesitate to say how you feel for a single second. You will sit around waiting for your best friend to tell you he has feelings for you, and it won't happen until you both graduate and catch back up because you're both scared for the silliest reasons. Yes, he dated your friend. Yes, you should probably let her know if you two decide to see where your feelings go. Should you sacrifice your feelings just because you and the girl he used to date used to be close? No. You only have one life. and you absolutely cannot live it based on other people's feelings and opinions. Go for whatever you want, regardless of what people think.

Don't be embarrassed of how smart and nerdy you are. Would you believe me if I told you that 19 year old you now plays Dungeons and Dragons? You would most definitely laugh in my face. You want to have fun with people who aren't all brains, I get it. You can let loose and party a little too, but you are missing out on so much just because you don't think it's cool. You won't admit that to yourself either, but you care what people think, and you shouldn't. You are creative and smart, and you shouldn't hide that just because some people don't get it. Be true to yourself, no matter how ever-changing your interests may be right now. The right people will accept and love you just the same.

- Someone Who Still Has A Lot To Learn

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